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3 best Rockets trades using Number 17 pick in 2022 NBA Draft

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The Houston Rockets are in the midst of a rebuild with a solid young nucleus in place. The Rockets hold the 2nd and 17th picks in this year’s NBA Draft. While certainly not encouraging, their 20-62 record in the previous season is not a concern, as the focus of the franchise is clearly on development for the future. Jalen Green shined in his rookie season by averaging 17.3 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.6 assists. He was named to the All-NBA Rookie First-Team and established himself as a long-term face of the franchise.

While the Rockets will likely use the second overall pick on another key piece, there is much more flexibility with the 17th selection. There are plenty of long-term prospects that will be on the board, but the franchise should not rule out any options. The NBA Draft night craziness is sure to bring on a frenzy of trades and the Rockets should explore getting in the mix. Here are three trade ideas to keep an eye on.

3 Best Rockets Trades Using Number 17 Pick In 2022 NBA Draft

3. Trade Out of the Selection

The Rockets are not far off from beginning to contend, but there is no rush on competing. With Jalen Green and the no. 2 overall pick in hand, Houston has its key pieces in place. There are always several teams attempting to move up throughout the draft and the Rockets could capitalize on assets by trading out. Accepting an offer with multiple picks in future drafts would give the Rockets flexibility moving forward and allow the young players additional time to develop.

As Houston gets closer to flipping into “win-now” mode, there certainly will be a need to find the right complementary pieces. Collecting as many assets as possible will allow the Rockets to trade for whatever players they perceive as the missing key pieces. Many teams will be desperate to win now, and the Rockets can capitalize by preparing for their better future.

2. Rockets Trade 17th pick for James Wiseman 

Just two years ago James Wiseman was a highly regarded prospect and drafted 2nd overall by the Golden State Warriors. Since this time, the 7-footer had struggled greatly to make the NBA transition. He has played a total of 836 minutes at the NBA level all during the 2020-21 season. The start of his career has been plagued by injuries and ailments and he has not been available nearly as much as Golden State has hoped. With patience beginning to run thin, they could be eager to flip the Memphis product. Trading away a young player for a current first-round pick essentially allows them a re-do on a player they seemingly don’t believe has a long-term future with the team.

For the Rockets, this would prove to be a great move. The 21-year-old still has plenty of time to develop and Houston will provide him with a better opportunity. The state the franchise is in allows them to be able to make this type of low-risk high-reward deal. With little pressure on Wiseman, he will have a chance to develop at a slower rate and grow into the player he is capable of being. Wiseman has the same enticing length and skillset he did coming out of college and could become a part of the Rockets’ future plans.

1. Rockets Trade 17th pick for Cam Reddish

Another highly regarded prospect who has failed to find his footing in the NBA, the Rockets should explore the availability of Cam Reddish. The Duke product was most recently traded to the Knicks last season. In the 15 games he played with the team he averaged just 14.3 minutes and 6.1 points per game. It seems Head Coach Tom Thibodeau is reluctant to play the 22-year-old which could leave him available for trade.

The small forward has a cleaner fit in the long-term future with the Rockets and would get a greater opportunity in Houston. Reddish has the tools for a quality NBA player but has yet to put them together. Giving the Knicks a chance to add the 17th pick would change their draft outlook greatly. New York also possesses the 11th pick. Adding two high-quality rookies would be a great move for the team or they could package these to move up further. This type of draft movement could be exactly the splash the Knicks are searching for.

Seeking out these types of low-risk high-reward trades would be a brilliant move for the Houston Rockets. Both Cam Reddish and James Wiseman hold a higher pedigree than the players that will be selected 17th. Time is on Houston’s side and they can be calculated in their approach. While a talented player could be available when it is their turn on the clock, the Rockets should not be dead-set on making a selection.