3 bold predictions for Drew Lock in his rookie season for the Broncos
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Drew Lock, Broncos

3 bold predictions for Drew Lock in his rookie season for the Broncos

Before the 2019 NFL Draft, many people expected Drew Lock to be drafted in the first round. His name was never called on Day One though. Instead, he had to wait until the 10th pick of the second round to hear his name, when the Denver Broncos selected him.

Lock is considered one of the best quarterback prospects this season. He’s got an incredible arm and has shown he isn’t afraid to make the tough throws.

That’s something that could get him into trouble on the field, but will also lead to some big plays for his team. It’s also something that could quickly endear him to the fans if it works, but cause rifts if it doesn’t.

As of right now, he’s quarterback number two on the depth chart behind veteran Joe Flacco. However, will that be the case the entire year? If not, how will events unfold in year one?

Here are three bold predictions for Drew Lock’s rookie season with the Denver Broncos.

3. Take Over by Week 9

Drew Lock

The Denver Broncos have a tough schedule to start the season. First they face off with divisional rivals, the Oakland Raiders in Oakland on Monday night.

Next, they have the Chicago Bears, then head out to Lambeau Field to face off with the Green Bay Packers.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are next, followed by the Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans. Rounding out the final two games before Week 9 are the Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts.

Four of those teams made the playoffs last season. The Titans were a win away from the playoffs, and the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. Meanwhile, the Jaguars were a win away from the Super Bowl two years ago and have a new quarterback in Nick Foles. Finally, the Raiders are vastly improved from last year and are a division rival getting to play at home.

It’s not a stretch to say the Broncos could find themselves in an extremely tough position after the first half of the NFL season.

If things are going bad enough, a change at quarterback could be made. After all, Joe Flacco’s not exactly new to that. Last season with the Baltimore Ravens, he was relieved of his starting duties by Lamar Jackson. Drew Lock could very easily do the same in 2019.

2. 20-plus Touchdown Passes

Drew Lock

This may not seem like all that many in the grand scheme of things. However, you have to remember that Drew Lock isn’t going to be the Day One starter. In fact, there’s no real guarantee he’ll play.

This is bouncing off the first prediction though. Lock will be the quarterback by Week 9 at the latest. That gives him at least eight games. 20 touchdown passes in eight games means he’d be projected for 40 in a full season. That would be an absolutely incredible rookie season.

Lock possess one of the most talented arms in the entire NFL Draft. It’s what made teams so interested in him in the first place and why so many people expected him to go in the first round.

He’s also never afraid to throw the ball into tight spaces. It will potentially cause some mistakes and turnovers, but it will also lead to big plays. Those big plays will lead to touchdowns.

The Broncos will want to throw the ball a lot when Lock is the quarterback, so chances won’t be limited either.

Even if Lock isn’t the starter until Week 9, 20 touchdown passes is a possibility for the quarterback.

1. Win More Games than Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco, Broncos

Unless Joe Flacco goes on a run reminiscent of his 2012 playoff performance, Drew Lock will be the Denver Broncos quarterback at some point this season.

As mentioned before, the Broncos first stretch of the season isn’t going to be easy. Of course, if you look at the schedule, it doesn’t get all that much easier from Week 9 on. In fact, it’s pretty even – those eight game stretches even have four home and four away games each.

They do have arguably their two most winnable games of the season late in the year though against the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions.

Barring injuries or something crazy, Drew Lock will at the very least be splitting time with Joe Flacco. Lock will give the Denver Broncos an air-it-out offense that could keep them in a few more games. With those, they could find a way to win a few more.