3 questions Aaron Rodgers must answer with the Packers in 2019
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Aaron Rodgers, Packers

3 questions Aaron Rodgers must answer with the Packers in 2019

Aaron Rodgers has been the face of the Green Bay Packers since taking over the starting quarterback job from Brett Favre. During that period of time, he has led the franchise to one Super Bowl win and plenty of deep playoff runs. Now, there is more pressure on him to perform at a superstar level than ever before.

That’s right, at the age of 36 and after already proving himself to the rest of the NFL, Rodgers is facing more criticism than ever.

Following the Packers’ dismal season in 2018 and missing the playoffs for back-to-back season, Green Bay made the decision to fire head coach Mike McCarthy. What followed in the wake of that decision was disastrous. The media trashed the Packers and focused on how Rodgers wasn’t a leader and was a poor teammate.

Over the past couple of years, the media has been reporting that Rodgers is regressing and that age is becoming a serious factor. While some may believe those things, the Packers and Rodgers certainly do not agree. Green Bay still firmly believes that they are going to be Super Bowl contenders once again this season.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at the three main questions that Rodgers must answer this season with the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

3. He Must Prove That He Can Fit with an Offensive System

One of the biggest criticism that Rodgers faced this offseason had to do with his relationship with former head coach McCarthy. Reports stated that Rodgers had multiple issues with the offense that the Packers ran under McCarthy. Other reports stated that he would change plays to avoid McCarthy’s play-calling.

A quarterback as good as Rodgers should certainly have a big say in audibles and reading defenses, but Matt LaFleur is bringing a revamped offensive attack this year. The team has been vocal about their excitement to be a part of it. Rodgers must show that he is willing to play under his head coach and only make changes when necessary.

2. Rodgers Must Prove That He Is A Leader

Next up, there were quite a few who ripped Rodgers for his leadership ability, or lack thereof. Even former teammates Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley threw attacks at their former quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Despite all of those attacks, Rodgers’ current teammates are big fans of the way he carries and leads the team. Other former teammates came out to debunk the rumors. Rodgers can silent all of those critics by proving his leadership this season.

1. Is He Still An MVP-Caliber Quarterback?

Rodgers has always played his best football when the pressure is turned all the way up on him. That would be the case this season from the media and from a football standpoint as well.

With the NFC North improving dramatically and the Packers missing the playoffs the last two season, it’s time for Rodgers to have a massive season. Some are expecting failure, while others think Rodgers will win the MVP award. It’s time to find out just how much Rodgers has left in the tank.