The Utah Jazz were once again eliminated from the NBA playoffs in disappointing fashion this season. After losing in six games to the Dallas Mavericks, the rumors on splitting up stars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert immediately began. As a result, the Jazz and their front office are tasked with a difficult decision.

Gobert has become a crucial piece for the Jazz and their success over the last few seasons. With that being said, a trade for the likes of OG Anunoby from the Raptors would be wise. While Anunoby hasn't officially voiced any displeasures with the Raptors yet, Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer mentioned the Jazz as a possibility. Let's examine three reasons as to why this trade would make sense for the Jazz and why they should do it, if on the table.

3 reasons Jazz should trade for OG Anunoby

3. Current method isn't working, clearly

For how successful they have been in the regular season, the Jazz have underperformed in the postseason immensely. It's difficult trying to determine just who to blame, whether it be Gobert, Mitchell, their role players, or even head coach Quin Snyder. Regardless of who is at fault, their current method clearly isn't working. In five seasons since Mitchell joined the team, the Jazz have won a total of just two series in the playoffs. That's despite them going 243-147 in the regular season in that span. As a result, changing things up should happen before the 2022-23 season tips off. Now they don't necessarily need to “blow things up”, but moving on from one of their stars is a step.

Donovan Mitchell has emerged as one of the league's brightest young stars. He particularly broke out in the bubble, back in the 2020 playoffs. While he has the highest trade value on the team, getting rid of him would set back the franchise immensely. Rudy Gobert is an All-Star guy, but his loss would be much more manageable than that of Donovan Mitchell. Gobert also turns 30 years old in June, so his prime is already nearly over. Teams would still be willing to give up a decent bit for the Frenchman, particularly ones looking for an elite rim protector and lob candidate. On the contrary, Mitchell is 25 years old, so the Jazz can still build around him.

2. Lineup versatility

OG Anunoby is one of the perfect guys for the NBA in the modern-day era. With small-ball lineups more prevalent than ever, he fits just that mold. It's not like he's small either, as he stands at six-foot, seven-inches on his 232 pound frame.  The Raptors have presented the ultimate fit for Anunoby and his length, as that seems to be what their whole starting lineup is about. He is young as well, as he turns 25 in July. He would be able to be a huge part of the Jazz's future plans if they acquired him.

The skills that he shows on the Raptors would transfer over seamlessly to the Jazz very well. In fact, he seems to be a guy that could adjust to any system and play well. Not only would he help them defensively, but Anunoby has skills on offense that would help as well. With the Raptors, he's never really gotten to be anything more than a fourth or fifth option. In Utah, he would get more chances offensively. He showed glimpses of those talents this season, as he averaged 17.1 points per game along with 5.5 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 48 starts. Anunoby played

1. The rift in the relationship of Gobert/Mitchell

At this point, it's been well-documented. Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell simply don't like each other anymore, which began in April of 2020. As we know, Gobert selfishly touched the microphones in the post conference room after a game, poking fun at the Covid-19 pandemic that was just beginning. Shortly there after, Gobert tested positive for Covid-19 and put multiple Jazz teammates at risk as a result, including Mitchell. Whether it was from that incident or a build-up of things, Mitchell has showed his evident distaste for Gobert since then.

The rift in the two's relationship has even translated onto the floor. In fact, Mitchell passed it to Gobert just twice per game this season. That was less than the amount of assists that Trae Young had with center Clint Capela. The two's games seem to be souring on the court and off. As a result, this is just another reason as to why the Jazz should trade Gobert. In specific, Raptors wing OG Anunoby makes perfect sense for their team in a potential trade.