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3 superstars that can be traded by MLB Trade Deadline, ranked

The middle of June signals a time in MLB where teams start to plan for the trade deadline while figuring out if they will be buyers, sellers, or stay put. The rumors start to light up this time of year and while most names that circulate don’t eventually get moved, there are always a few that come to fruition.

This year is no different in MLB from that standpoint as tons of names have already been circulated around as potential ones to be traded. Here are three superstars that can be traded by the MLB Trade Deadline; ranked.

3.) Joey Gallo

While Joey Gallo may not fall into the category of “superstar,” he is certainly a big part of the Texas Rangers and their foundation and is a past all-star.

Gallo is up to his normal stuff this year, mashing moonshot homers but hitting for a super-low average while striking out a good amount. Like Gallo, the Rangers are up to their normal shenanigans this year, primarily, playing mediocre baseball.

Not only just in their division are they the worst (24-39), but the Rangers have one of the worst records in all of MLB. These fizzled out seasons by the time the trade deadline hits have become routine for Texas in recent seasons and this year could push them over the top in truly rebuilding and giving up some of their best players.

Gallo is set to be a free agent in 2023. His contract isn’t huge by any stretch and that, mixed with the Rangers needing to add prospects with an eye towards the future make him a perfect candidate to be sent packing at the MLB Trade Deadline. One team to keep an eye one with Gallo is the San Diego Padres.

2.) Jose Berrios

The Minnesota Twins have been a disaster this year. They entered the season with dreams and expectations of competing for the pennant, now it’s mid-June and they are in the cellar of the AL Central.

Minnesota’s problem is that they have a lot of “older talent” like Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruz but appear to be going nowhere this season. In MLB, this can put a team in quite a pickle.

Where the Twins could find outlets at the trade deadline is with trading a player like Jose Berrios. Clearly Minnesota isn’t going to contend this year and Berrios could end up being one of if not the top name to come available at the MLB Trade Deadline if Minnesota opts to go that route.

Berrios is 6-2 this year with a WHIP of 1.1 and a K/9 ratio of 9.3. His frisbee looking slurve has fooled batters all year while he blends it with his fastball that touches the mid 90’s.

There would no doubt be tons of teams in MLB that would be itching to acquire someone like Berrios who is still really young (27) and has a game that keeps developing and getting better.

If Minnesota chooses to not trade Berrios, it wouldn’t be surprising. If they lean in to the fact that they aren’t a good team and could use some tinkering while building up their farm system, Berrios is definitely a name to watch.

1.) Trevor Story

A Trevor Story trade makes all the sense in the world for so many reasons.

The Rockies aren’t going anywhere this year. They have the fifth worst record in all of MLB and keep in mind, they already dealt one superstar this past offseason when they traded Nolan Arenado to the Cardinals. Why stop now?

Story is set to hit the market this offseason and  every indication points to him having little to no interest in sticking around Colorado for a full-on rebuild.

There would be an endless amount of teams in MLB that would be interested in Trevor Story and the Rockies would be silly to not move him. Again, Colorado has the worst record in the NL West, aren’t anywhere close to the Dodgers, Giants or Padres and Story is going to walk at the end of the year anyways.

Teams will cough up a lot for rental if they have the superstar abilities that Story possesses. The Rockies can dream all they want, but not trading Story would be beyond silly. Get something for him while you can.

What could hold this up is Story’s lingering elbow injury. He was set to comeback Tuesday against the Marlins but it never happened. Teams could become hesitant to move on Story if he doesn’t show he’s back to near 100%. Regardless, the Rockies should do everything they can to move him by the MLB Trade Deadline. One team to keep an eye on is the Oakland Athletics.

Teams will be wheeling and dealing per the usual at the MLB Trade Deadline. This list includes three names of players on teams who have no shot in 2021 and who need to seriously consider their options before holding everything tight to the vest.