The Dallas Mavericks and head coach Rick Carlisle have parted ways after 13 years together, meaning Luka Doncic needs a new leader with the Mavs under owner Mark Cuban. This was a shocker considering that Carlisle was never on the hot seat this season. According to ESPN senior reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, it was a mutual decision between both parties to divorce. 

Since the announcement of Carlisle’s departure was published, there have been a ton of theories as to why the head coach let go of his job. Here’s what some of those could be: 

Carlisle might have wanted a new culture

It’s been 10 years since Carlisle delivered a championship for the Mavs. Granted, the league is competitive and major markets have dominated the past couple of years. But this could've been a reason for his departure. Since 2011, the Mavs haven’t won a playoff series as it’s been one first round exit after another. This could have been a factor as to why Carlisle decided to leave Dallas. 

Carlisle might have not wanted to coach Luka with the Mavs

In the latest episode of The Lowe Post, ESPN’s Tim MacMahon mentioned that Carlisle wasn’t the best coach at managing egos and personalities in the locker room for the Mavs. It’s a big reason as to why there’s a reported rift between Carlisle and rising superstar Luka Doncic. 

Carlisle knows that this is Doncic’s team heck or even league one day. In a league that has embraced player empowerment, the Mavs have to please Doncic at all cost. Sure, he can sign the rookie extension but Doncic will always have a say and the power to leave. 

Carlisle might get a better offer somewhere else

Just like ordinary employees in general, when there’s a better job opportunity they take it. Same goes with coaches in the NBA. Several teams with coachable superstars are scouting for a coach. As soon as Carlisle resigned, he was pretty much put on top of the list for a coach candidate. 

The Mavs know the Boston Celtics are looking for Brad Stevens’ replacement after reassigning him as the new president of basketball operations. There are the Portland Trail Blazers, who should be doing everything they can right now to keep All-Star guard Damian Lillard happy. There are the New Orleans Pelicans who know that young rising star Zion Williamson could also leave. A lot of opportunities are there for Carlisle and maybe this was a factor as to why he called it quits. 

The Milwaukee Bucks won Game 6 against the Nets on Thursday night, but if they lose Game 7 to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday, they will likely fire Mike Budenholzer. Carlisle could go from the Mavs to the Bucks, and from Luka to Giannis Antetokounmpo, where he could compete for a championship.

Carlisle didn’t want to fall deeper into the Mavs' soap opera

This week has been interesting for the Mavs. Just a few days before Carlisle’s departure was announced, The Athletic’s Tim Cato released a story about the possible frustrations in Dallas.

One in particular is the rift between Bob Voulgaris, a director of quantitative research and development manager for the Mavs, and Doncic. 

With what has gone down in the past week, this could even be more of a mess for the Mavs.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban has a lot on his plate and must do everything he can to keep his team in order. There’s a good chance that Carlisle didn’t want to involve himself any deeper in this mess, thus deciding to leave the team and seek greener pastures.