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4 reasons the New York Giants will defeat the Bears in Week 12

The New York Giants haven’t had a good season, but they still have a chance to finish strong and a good start to that would be beating the Chicago Bears on Sunday. It’s not going to be easy, but they do have a chance to come away with a win.

Let’s break down four reasons the Giants can pull the upset.

4. Coming off a bye week

The Giants are coming off a loss against the New York Jets, but that was two weeks ago, and they have had the extra time to prepare for the Bears. Since 2010, the Giants are 6-3 coming off a bye and last year with Pat Shurmur in charge, the Giants were able to come away with a win off the bye.

The Bears not only aren’t coming off a bye, but they played a tough game on Sunday night in Los Angeles. Although technically the Bears aren’t coming into this game off a short week, they did lose part of Monday and that could hurt them.

The Giants are well-rested and were able to heal up during the bye week and that is a big key in getting the victory.

3. Daniel Jones has confidence

Daniel Jones has been up and down this season, but he has to have a lot of confidence coming into this game after his game against the Jets. Even though the Giants lost, Jones threw for 308 yards and four touchdowns.

He is going against a lot tougher team in this game, but the one thing Jones won’t be is afraid. That could end up hurting the Giants because he might take chances, but you have to take the good with the bad.

2. Bears kicking issues

The Giants don’t have their kicking issues exactly settled, but at least they aren’t in the Bears situation. The way Matt Nagy handled the kicking tryouts this offseason made it hard for one kicker to really have much confidence and Eddy Pineiro has clearly lost his. Against the Rams, Pinero missed both of his kicks, and there was another opportunity for a kick that the Bears passed on.

It’s clear there is no confidence on either side and if this game is close late, Pineiro is going to miss the kick to cost the Bears.

1. Matt Nagy/Mitchell Trubisky

The biggest advantage the Giants have in this game is Matt Nagy, Mitchell Trubisky, and the Chicago Bears offense. There has been some argument about if Nagy or Trubisky is the big problem with the Bears offense, but no matter who it is there is one thing for sure, this Bears offense is not good.

Against the Rams, Trubisky threw for only 190 yards, a touchdown, and an interception before being pulled because of injury.

The Giants defense hasn’t been good, but it really shouldn’t matter because Trubisky has been bad against good defenses and bad defenses. Trubisky is good for a couple of bad passes a game, and that is going to really help the Giants offense have short fields.

Winning this game isn’t going to be easy for the Giants, but they have some clear advantages that can help them win this game.