Jimmie Ward of the Houston Texans and former San Francisco 49ers player recently had a conversation with former NFL player Richard Sherman, and he discussed the NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles last season when Brock Purdy was injured, and Ward fired a shot at Jimmy Garoppolo, saying he believed he could have suited up for the 49ers as a backup despite his broken foot.

“And that's probably some of the stuff that went down with Jimmy too, I don't know man, 'cause I feel like Jimmy could have dressed out,” Jimmie Ward said with Richard Sherman. “I feel like Jimmy could have dressed out that last game, but you know how this goes.”

The 49ers' quarterback injuries in 2022 are well-chronicled. Trey Lance started the year, then fractured his ankle in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks. Jimmy Garoppolo then took over before he broke his foot, which led to Brock Purdy taking the starting job and never looking back.

Regardless, Ward believes that Garoppolo could have suited up for the game. It is purely speculation on Ward's part, and no one knows for sure whether or not Garoppolo could have played that day.

If this story picks up enough attention, it would not be a surprise if Garoppolo and even Kyle Shanahan get asked questions on the matter. Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan will likely either deny the notion, or not reveal any details, as everyone is on new teams now.

If would be interesting if Ward and Garoppolo played this season, but the Texans and Raiders are not schedule to match up.