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49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo reveals the lesson he learned watching Tom Brady prepare for big games

Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo

It is no secret where Jimmy Garoppolo comes from. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback started his career with the New England Patriots.

That means he studied under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Obviously, this is something that has made Garoppolo a rising star. A lot of people put a lot of stock in that. He has knowledge from some of the greatest of all-time, therefore he has to be great, right?

Garoppolo certainly had a very good year. And part of that is now his team is in the NFC Championship game.

In an interview, Garoppolo spoke about something he learned from watching Brady. The lesson was about preparing for big games, something Brady knows all-to-well.

Just to be clear, Garoppolo is not saying he’s never spoken to Brady. The two were teammates, they obviously spoke. He’s saying he hasn’t spoken to him this week, but he is still using something he learned from him to prepare.

That lesson is pretty simple. Consistency. It sounds like common knowledge, but it’s important. If you go through the same routine and steps, you’ll master things. Garoppolo is making sure he is consistent in the preparation.

That could mean the same workout routine or sleep schedule. It could also have to do with meetings, studying, or just making sure you get something 100% right before you finish doing it.

Whatever the exact consistency that Garoppolo learned from Brady, it was probably a great lesson. Brady is arguably the greatest and most accomplished quarterback of all time. Any lesson from him is one worth remembering.

It looks like Garoppolo remembered this one.