49ers news: John Lynch on choosing Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady
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John Lynch reveals why 49ers chose Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady

Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, 49ers

There was some chatter early in the offseason that the San Francisco 49ers might go after Tom Brady, but John Lynch ultimately stuck with Jimmy Garoppolo.

There was some thought inside the 49ers’ front office that the team could try to trade away Garoppolo and get something in return while bringing in Brady to be the starting quarterback.

After much consideration, Lynch and the rest of the front office decided that they still had their long term option inside the team’s locker room:

“We went back and took a hard look at Jimmy,” Lynch said via Albert Breer of Sports Ilustrated. “We grinded for a period of three, four days. And I think we both came back and said, ‘You know what? We’ve got the long-term answer in our building right now, and we feel really strongly about that.’ As enticing as it might be—and we felt like it was a responsibility to take a look, because that’s a very unique situation—we did that, we talked with Jimmy, and told him just what we did.

“I think he appreciated that. And the great news is we’re more convicted than ever that Jimmy’s the guy that we want to work with going forward. We feel like he’s got a lot more in him. Shoot, he was a huge reason we were in the Super Bowl last year, and why we have every intention of getting back and finishing the job.”

Garoppolo has his limitations and struggles, but it never did make a whole lot of sense to get rid of a guy just getting into a groove for another player over the age of 40, even if it was Brady.

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers end up winning the Super Bowl in the next couple of years, there might be some questions asked, but for now, it appears the 49ers are happy with their quarterback.