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Richard Sherman reveals how Wonderlic test really works during NFL Draft process

Richard Sherman, 49ers

The time of the year when Wonderlic scores for incoming prospects for the NFL Draft are taken out of proportion has commenced. In defense of the prospects, Richard Sherman of the San Francisco 49ers revealed how the Wonderlic test really works.

For years, the NFL has been adamant about conducting the Wonderlic test for the incoming prospects. While the results used to hold merit, teams have realized that the scores aren’t reflective of a player’s ability to play football, which is essentially what the 49ers star noted in his comments.

The reason why the Wonderlic scores are currently a hot topic on social media due to it being reported that Tua Tagovailoa scored a 13. That is the same score that Lamar Jackson had when he was tested in 2018.

It’s safe to say that Jackson’s career has gotten off to a blazing start despite the low score. Despite his low score on the Wonderlic, Tagovailoa is still a coveted prospect.

Even though some fans and media members hold the Wonderlic against prospects, teams don’t typically use it to determine whether or not to draft a player. At the least, Sherman is pointing out the flaws in the Wonderlic test and how prospects understand that it doesn’t have any bearing on their draft stock.

Throughout history, we’ve seen players that have scored tremendously on the Wonderlic test. As a matter of fact, the likes of Greg McElroy and Blaine Gabbert both scored in the 40s on the test. Of course, their successful Wonderlic tests didn’t help them produce at the NFL level.

Seeing that it doesn’t have any effect on where players are drafted, it is worth asking why the NFL still uses the Wonderlic test. Until they choose to rid of the test, Sherman is doing the people’s work by pointing out how useless it is.