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Rumor: Tom Brady not being considered by 49ers

Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers were once rumored as a team that could pursue Tom Brady in free agency, but that ship has sailed. In a video for NBC Sports, Chris Simms said that San Francisco is out on Brady this offseason.

While rumors were floating around, the 49ers suddenly appeared as a dark horse to target Brady. However, with Jimmy Garoppollo still under contract, San Francisco seems content giving him another season to prove himself.

Heading into next season, Garoppolo still has three years remaining on his current contract. But over the next few years, it becomes easier and easier for San Francisco to part ways with him if they so desire.

On the other hand, Brady likely would’ve made the 49ers his No. 1 option in free agency. Coming off a Super Bowl appearance, San Francisco has a confident and intelligent head coach in Kyle Shanahan. Above all, the 49ers have a slew of weapons available in the offense.

Now, with the 49ers out of the running for Brady, that limits his options even further. On Sunday afternoon, the Tennessee Titans agreed with Ryan Tannehill on a four-year extension. Therefore, that leaves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patriots as the two front-runners for Brady.

At this point in his career, Tom Brady is likely trying to sign wherever gives him the best chance to win another Super Bowl. Without a doubt, Brady would have a decent chance of making the Super Bowl if San Francisco expressed interest. Despite possibly having a desire to play for his hometown team, it appears the 49ers are no longer a possible reality.