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5 Luka Doncic rookie cards that sold for the craziest prices

Luka Doncic

It’s not every day when a young player comes out of nowhere to be that next big thing in the NBA. That’s how it is for Luka Doncic ever since he was drafted during the 2018-19 season. No one expected this Slovenian kid to exceed expectations and not only become the face of the Dallas Mavericks, but of the entire league as well.

Luka Doncic


Now in his third season, Doncic is building up his legacy at a young age. At only 21 years old, he has managed to rack up quite a list of accomplishments at a faster pace than expected. As of the present, the Mavericks’ cornerstone is averaging ridiculous numbers – 28.3 points, 9.4 assists, and 10.2 rebounds a game. He’s also the youngest player in playoff history to debut with a triple-double, which he is almost doing on a nightly basis.

All those things are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Doncic can do on the court. When it comes to his cards, the story is still pretty much the same. The Young Goat’s cards, especially those that were released during his rookie season, have blown up and skyrocketed to insane price levels. Shown below are the five Luka Doncic cards that were sold at crazy prices in recent memory.

5. Luka Doncic 2018-19 National Treasures 1/1 Rookie Auto BGS 9.5

A card signed by a rookie will always command a certain price on the market. Now, just imagine if that rookie is Luka Doncic and he gets to sign a One of One card that’s graded with a BGS 9.5 score. The result is this unique 2018-19 National Treasures Rookie Auto card signed by Doncic himself and sold at $69,999 last November 22, 2020.

Originating from Seoul, South Korea, the card itself is a beauty to behold at. Its clean design showcases Doncic’s profile at the side and his signature front and center. It’s no wonder someone nabbed it last year at that kind of price.

4. 2018-19 Prizm Cracked Ice Blue /99 PSA 10

Any Prizm rookie card is a high-coveted item, especially if it features a generational talent like Doncic. The card’s intricate cracked ice design and its limited print run to 99 copies make it more in demand among enthusiasts. And if that’s not enough, the slab’s PSA 10 grade condition pushes the card’s auction price to a whopping $70,100. With the way Doncic is playing, you can be sure that the price is worth every penny to the lucky guy who purchased it.

3. 2018 Prizm Signatures Gold Prizm Rookie Auto 6/10 BGS 9.5 

Having an item adorned in gold surely is something to be proud of. That’s the same case for one fortunate fan after splurging out $125,988 for this autographed rookie card of Luka Doncic. Numbered to 10, this Prizm features a stickered-autograph of the young star himself. Its gem mint BGS 9.5 condition further solidifies the card’s value in the market. 

Handled by PWCC, this card was auctioned last November 18, 2020. For sure, this kind of gold will surely retain its value in the years to come. This is true, especially if Doncic wins either a ring or an MVP trophy during his career.

2. 2018-19 National Treasures Rookie Patch Auto /99 BGS 9

Coming at second is this marvelous rookie patch auto card from the 2018-19 National Treasures set. Considered as one of the top brands produced by Panini, this beauty exhibits a massive piece of Doncic’s jersey embedded within it. At the bottom is his signature while the right side of the card displays the rookie while going for a jumper.

Thick jersey cards are commonly known to possess a grade lower than their standard counterparts. In this case, it’s a wonder for this Doncic RPA to attain a BGS 9 grade, which pushes the card price to reach $299,999 when it was sold last November 25, 2020. With the amount of money it commands, one can be sure that this card will serve as the highlight of any collection.

1. Luka Doncic 2018-19 Contenders Premium Gold Rookie Auto /10 BGS 9.5

Who would’ve thought that a brand like Contenders wouldcome out as the most expensive Luka Doncic card sold in recent memory? Well, take a look at it carefully and it’s easy to understand why. For one, This is the only one of the 10 copies made by Panini and it’s signed on-card by Doncic himself. The card’s classic gold design plays well with Doncic’s profile. Plus, its BGS 9.5 gem mint condition locks and increases the price to a staggering $750,000. It also has a low population in Beckett’s registry, making this item a rare piece to own.

Although the prices of these cards may seem so high at the moment, do keep in mind that Doncic is just in the third year of his young career. With the way he’s playing, it’s a given that these cards will go nowhere but up in the coming years.