Without a doubt, LeBron James is the greatest player of his generation. While the GOAT argument has been a divisive one amongst fans, his place in the history of the game is solidified after countless achievements in the NBA. Soon enough, there’ll be one more record the Los Angeles Lakers’ star will break – scoring the most points in league history. And when that happens, expect the King’s stock in the NBA card market to garner more attention from collectors and investors alike. We take a look below at the LeBron James cards that will benefit in value once that record has been broken.

5 most expensive LeBron James cards that can go higher when the Lakers’ All-Star breaks the scoring record

5. 2012 Panini Prizm Gold

LeBron James’ run in the early 2010s as part of the Miami Heat is certainly an important part of his legacy. During his stint with the Eastern Conference squad, James managed to win two NBA championships, a couple of MVP and Finals MVP awards, among other accolades. That’s why when scouting for expensive cards of the King, one must always consider his 2012 Panini Prizm card.

LeBron James, Lakers, Cards

This NBA card of James is notable for several reasons. For starters, it’s a first-generation Prizm card from Panini, which means it can be considered as the beginning of the iconic brand. Second, this in-demand card features James in a Heat uniform, which all things considered, are few in the market these days. And based from the last price sold of $571,200 in an auction by Goldin, there might be room for this LeBron James NBA card to grow when the King eventually breaks the scoring record.

4. 2020 Panini Flawless Triple Logoman

Earlier this year, Drake went on an insane spending spree to find LeBron James’ Triple Logoman NBA card from Panini’s Flawless set. While the rapper didn’t hit the jackpot, the card itself went on auction and garnered a value of $2.4 million. With the Lakers’ star set to make history, it’s safe to say this is one of his cards that will see more attention from those in the hobby.

LeBron James, Lakers, Cards

The card itself is a sight for sore eyes as it features three Logoman patches from James’ jerseys from the Lakers, Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers. With the King delivering a ring to each of those squads, the card itself is a nice reminder of this achievement by James. And even if this piece of memorabilia has reached its price ceiling, the card will still remain a vital addition to any LeBron James card collection since it’s the only one of its kind in the market.

3. 2003 Topps Chrome rookie card

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When it comes to NBA cards, those that feature legends during their first year in the league are instant winners. In the case of the King, the 2003 Topps Chrome LeBron James rookie card is the one that’s most well-known in the hobby. While the base version is an absolute must, the numbered variants is the better choice to go for.

LeBron James, Lakers, Cards

But among all the LeBron James rookie cards under the Topps Chrome brand, only a few are worth a significant amount of money. The Black Refractor parallel is one of them and a PSA 10 slab of it is currently valued at $480,000. With James about to go down in NBA history as the player with the most points scored, it’s safe to say that this rookie card of his is going to become more valuable in the coming years.

2. 2004 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Logoman patch auto

As mentioned earlier, a Logoman of any NBA star will always be a great addition to any card collection. In the case of James, the item better than his most recent Triple Logoman from Panini is his 2004 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Logoman patch auto.

LeBron James, Lakers, Cards

With just one look at this LeBron James card, those in the hobby would immediately appreciate its status as One of One with a captivating Logoman patch embedded inside it. Add the King’s signature on the side and an image from his rookie season on the other and you’ve got a winner right there. That’s why it only makes sense for this card to have a value of $1.29 million after Goldin auctioned it off a while back. It also helps that the NBA card obtained a gem-mint grade of 10 from PSA, making it one of the few cards that should be targeted when James becomes the league’s top scorer soon.

1. 2003 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection rookie patch auto parallel

On top of this of LeBron James cards is his rookie patch auto from Upper Deck’s 2003 Exquisite Collection. Even though it went for $5.2 million when it was last auctioned off, it can potentially go higher in the coming years. With James about to break the scoring record, it can sustain another boost when that happens. If not, his retirement and eventual induction into the Hall of Fame can still pull its value upward in the coming years.

LeBron James, Lakers, Cards

As it stands, James is going to break the scoring record sooner than later. With this achievement about to come soon, LeBron James collectors should keep a close eye on the market for these cards, and any other that can potentially go up. Keep in mind that it’s best to buy low to protect your capital and gain the most profit when that time comes.