With the main event of All In officially in the books, MJF officially finds himself an AEW World Champion without a viable challenger heading into All Out.

Sure, Roderick Strong has already declared that he plans to win the forthcoming tournament at Grand Slam to earn himself a number one contender's spot against his best friend's new best friend, but somebody has to wrestle the “Salt of the Earth” at Arthur Ashe Stadium, especially since it's so close to Long Island, right?

Well, at the end of his Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship match versus the Dark Order at All Out, an opening bout that centered around MJF's increasingly injured neck, fans might have gotten their answer in a surprising foe from his WWE past: Samoa Joe.

That's right, after securing a win over Dark Order, Adam Cole and MJF walked up the ramp, but before they could exit to the back, the “Samoan Submission Machine's” music hit, and as he walked down the ramp, he pushed the current World Champion out of the way in a segment incredibly reticent of MJF's time as an extra in WWE, where he was pushed out of the way by the then-NXT Champion on the way to the ring.

Did some fans think this was a subtle jab at CM Punk? Yes, more than a few fans suggested that on Twitter, but when you actually look at the images side-by-side, there is no question that this was a reference to MJF's extra work in WWE during his very Sports Entertainment angle in AEW, and it looks like the payout could come in two weeks and change in Flushing, Queens.