After months of anticipation – of dark matches, vignettes, and Ring of Honor appearances – Ari Daivari and the Trustbusters have officially landed on AEW television, first in a backstage segment with the Best Friends and again on the subsequent episode of Rampage in a pair of matches versus Sonny Kiss and Orange Cassidy.

While the ever-evolving debut didn’t exactly generate the same excitement as the return of CM Punk or even the return of Erick Redbeard as part of Beardhausen with Danhausen, their debut didn’t downright bomb either, with most holding onto a “wait and see” approach until the ‘busters’ appearance in the AEW World Trios Championship Tournament versus Best Friends.

And yet, even after adding Sonny Kiss to the faction as a sort of part-wrestler, part-valet who hopefully secures a win on AEW television, Daivari isn’t done. No, with Kayfabe money to spend now that his trust fund kicked in, the “richest man in professional wrestling” has turned his attention to bolstering out his stable with even more, tired, hungry, and presumably poor performers who would like to elevate their statuses – and bank account figures – with a little from the former 205 Live OG. Fortunately, with a quick series of tweets, Daivari made his intentions known and will certainly draw legions of inquiries from folks of all walks of life looking to change their fates.

Hopefully, his DMs are open.

Is Ari Daivari looking to fill out his AEW stable even more?

As things presently stand, there are only two members of Trustbusters who are officially listed on the AEW roster page, Parker Boudreaux and Sonny Kiss, with Ari Daivari and Slim J notably absent.

Now granted, that doesn’t mean too much in a non-Kayfabe sense, as plenty of wrestlers who are on television fairly frequently like Konosuke Takeshita aren’t yet on the roster page, and while others, like Alan Angels, retain their pages despite no longer being employed by the promotion. Still, if Daivari is using his money to buy out contracts of AEW wrestlers, shouldn’t said wrestlers – Kiss – no longer have a spot on the roster? Heck, shouldn’t Boudreaux have never received a roster page, period, let alone an “Is All Elite” graphic and tweet from Tony Khan?

Either way, it’s hard to look at the impact Daivari has had on the promotion, with three segments secure in a single week, and not think he had something going for him. With more and more AEW wrestlers becoming increasingly comfortable complaining about their bookings, who knows, maybe Daivari could be the man who moves the needle and gives a largely overlooked performer the spotlight they deserve.

Fortunately, Daivari took to Twitter and issued a pitch of sorts to put himself out there as a potential manager.

Let’s clarify something… I don’t hate the AEW fans. In fact, I pitty you guys. Most of you will never have a healthy savings account, or drive a nice car or own a home. You have to work 9 to 5 for little money. I’m here to help.

Anyone can join The TrustBusters. Slim J is a hard working man who never got his fair shake. Parker was given up on far too early. Sonny deserves the world and wasn’t getting it. Until I came along. I took my hard earned money and invested it in great talent.

So if you’re feeling unfulfilled in your current life, maybe it’s time you too join The TrustBusters, and take yourself to your highest level. I can bring you up physically, mentally and most importantly, financially! In Bust, We Trust.

Oh snap, is AEW about to have a full-on manager civil war? Is Daivari going to fight with “Smart” Mark Sterling and Stokely Hathaway for potential clients? Or will the trio start to show up at indie dates to see who gets the privilege of signing the next great guy? Bandido is still a free agent; why don’t they start showing up at Lucha Libre AAA shows to see if they can secure his services?

Goodness, the options are quite interesting indeed.

Ultimately, how the Trustbusters shake out in AEW is yet to be determined; they may become a fixture of the promotion, they may fizzle out after a few weeks, or they may simply be earning an on-screen opportunity a la Q.T. Marshall’s The Factory while actually drawing money for their backstage responsibilities a la the producer role Ari Daivari filled in WWE/NXT. Either way, the prospects of padding out the unit even more are promising… unless it becomes the next Hardy Family Office… or the trust fund wrester buys out the now-Andrade Family Office, which weirdly feels like something that could happen.