When Jon Moxley entered the ring to face off against CM Punk in the penultimate match of an otherwise unassuming episode of AEW Dynamite, fans in attendance in Ohio knew they were in for a show.

Goodness, this was the first time in the promotion's history where two AEW World Champions would square off in the middle of the ring to decide who was the right and proper holder of the strap, and with All Out less than two weeks away, folks couldn't help but fantasy book how the match was going to go.

Fortunately, if you bet “5-minute squash” on Draftkings, you're probably leaving your house a very rich person, as the match might just go down as the most controversial piece of booking in AEW history.

Did Punk further injure his foot? Considering QT Marshall and company had to vamp for quite some time before the match between United Empire and Death Triangle, it certainly felt that way. Did Punk agree to drop the belt before reevaluating his spot in the company moving forward? That also feels like a possibility, as Moxley threw up his middle finger as he secured the 1-2-3.

While it may be some time before fans know what exactly was going through Punk's head on the show, if fans hear from him at all, Moxley made his way to the backstage area and cut one heck of a promo after one of the biggest wins of his career.

Jon Moxley spoke his mind after his biggest win in AEW.

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Normally, when AEW has a backstage segment, they task Tony Schiavone, Lexy Nair, or even Alex Marvez with taking a microphone and a camera backstage to see if they could secure fans the big scoop. Sometimes it's a little weird, sometimes they get yelled at, but in AEW, that has mostly been the modus operandi.

Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately – for that trio, Moxley was so fired up at the end of his match versus Punk that he just started shooting on his foe to the pre-assembled camera in the back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, was that not how that was supposed to go? ‘Best in the World’ my a**. All of the people who are surprised right now? They are the same people who wanted to write my obituary when CM Punk came back. They’re the same people who wanted to call me ‘Interim World Champion,’ the same people who always write me off. You know those people don’t matter, they never did. Cause the truth is, the answer to every problem, to any problem you might have in professional wrestling. The answer is always Jon Moxley. There is only one Jon Moxley, there is nobody that can do what I do like I do. I am professional wrestling. I’m not just some guy, I am the guy in this industry and there are no limitations on what I can do. I don’t follow any rules Everybody’s always asking ‘when it it going to be my time? When is my time coming?’ I’m telling you, my time is right now. Right this minute, 2022, we’re living in my time, it’s now, my time is right god da*n now.”

Whoa, it's a good thing someone in the production truck decided to cut to Moxley's camera – missing that promo would have been a tragedy.

Now, whoever could Moxley be talking about in his promo? Could it be Jim Cornette who has made talking down Moxley's accomplishments his top priority in the absence of Kenny Omega? Or how about folks like Bully Ray, who gives his other wrestling promotion, GCW, a hard time for being a rip-off of ECW? Could it be the fans who have consistently called him the worst member of The Shield, or worse, talked down on his decision to wrestle the likes of A.J. Gray, Nick Gage, and Tony Deppen in GCW? Was his kiss spots versus Effy really that offensive? Or do some fans enjoy hating on Moxley as much as cheering for their own personal favorites?

Either way, with the “Interim” label taken off of his AEW championship run and a whole world of possibilities at his disposal, it's clear wrestling fans really are living in Moxley's world, as he's going to be running the show at the top of AEW cards for the foreseeable future. But first, one question rises above all others: Who is going to wrestle the champ at All Out, in the hometown of  “The Best in the World?” Hopefully, he's the “salt of the earth.”