As AEW prepares for Double or Nothing, arguably the WrestleMania of the brand's Big 4 Pay-Per-Views, Chris Jericho stopped by Spotf for an interview with Joe Baiamonte to discuss everything from his match with Adam Cole, to the show's Four Pillars main event match, and even the acquisitions that he “buries” talent when he works with them in order to get himself over.

While some fans will never be truly sold that Jerocho's intentions are pure, often citing the Mimosa Mayhem match as the ultimate example of “Le Champion's” hubris run wild, in the opinion of the future WWE Hall of Famer – if Vince McMahon doesn't block it – that couldn't be further from the case.  In Jericho's opinion, he's helped to put over some of the top stars in AEW today, and his DNA is all over the Four Pillars match.

“That's why I worked with Max for a year and why I've had Sammy with me pretty much since he came into the company, with the exception of a few months. Those guys were always earmarked to be stars. And Darby and Jungle Boy, too, I worked with them the first few months of AEW's existence and realized they were both amazing. It's funny when I get buried online for ‘burying' the young guys; it's like you really don't understand what I'm doing and don't even really watch the show because it's been the exact opposite of that. And I think we've done a great job in building these guys. To have four of them in the main event and to see how they've all flourished as talkers, because they can always wrestle, but character and talking is the most important thing. So I really enjoy that side of it, to see those guys in that spot,” Jericho said via Fightful.

“My goal and mission when I came to AEW was to build as many stars as we could, quickly, because you only have a short window of time that people are interested in this new promotion. Chris Jericho may have got them to the show, but it can't all be about me. Yeah, I'm proud of them. And they've earned it. No one deserves it. ‘You deserve it' is my least favorite chant. It should be ‘you earned it,' because they've earned that chance and that spot, and they've done a great job with it.”

Is Jericho correct? Did he truly help to make MJF, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, and Darby Allin who they are today in AEW, or did programs like the Dinner Debonair or his long-running connection with “The Spanish God” limit their ceiling and waste valuable time? That opinion will vary from person to person.

Adam Cole is excited to team with Roderick Strong, Sabu versus Chris Jericho.

Speaking of Chris Jericho's forthcoming match at Double or Nothing, when he takes the ring versus Adam Cole in Las Vegas, his opponent won't be alone, as Sabu and Roderick Strong will be by Cole's side for the unsanctioned match.

Asked what it will be like to wrestle alongside the ECW legend on Rasslin', Cole noted that he couldn't think of a better performer to bring into a battle with the JAS than “The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac.

“When I was younger watching ECW, Sabu, obviously like many others, was one of my absolute favorites,” Cole said via Wrestling Inc. “It's so weird to think as time goes on, because again, Sabu was a student at the game. He's someone who's been around for a long time. The fact that I have his respect enough for him to help me with the JAS is pretty d**n cool.”

Turning his attention to Roderick Strong, the other man who will be in his Double or Nothing corner, Cole was over the moon to reunite with his Undisputed Era factionmate, calling the former Ring of Honor Champion an asset.

“Oh my God, I could not be happier. This guy is genuinely one of my absolute best friends, a guy that I've traveled up and down the roads with, whether it be Ring of Honor, PWG, obviously NXT as well. He's one of the best in-ring performers in the world, in my opinion. So the fact that not only do I get the chance to spend more time with him and be around him because he's such a good friend, but he's such a massive asset to any wrestling company that has him, so AEW won big on that one.”

Will Cole pull out the win against Jericho at Double or Nothing? Only time will tell, but he certainly has the right men in his corner to do some damage.