After securing a win over Sky Bly in her AEW Dynamite singles debut, a win heavily influenced by cheating from Toni Storm, Saraya was looking to make a statement out of her fallen foe. Landing one of her signature green spray paint cans from Storm, Saraya was ready to brand Blue a “loser” when who but Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker emerged from the back to provide the save, running off their foes before they could do any real damage.

Walking back to the locker room with their tails between their legs, Saraya and Storm were stopped at the top of the ramp by none other than Ruby Soho, the ambiguous performer who has yet to truly know where her allegiance lie in the great Hayter-Saraya feud. Would Soho attack the heels and beat them down for their antics the previous week? Or would Soho instead attack Baker and Hayter in a move that would fully usher in a “New World Order” in AEW?

None of the above; no, Soho was there for business, as she instead signaled to Hayter that she would like a shot at the AEW Women's World Championship – the strap Soho has wrestled for once before. But who would Hayter choose to wrestle? Would she give the match to Soho, who appears to want nothing more than to simply wrestle for the title? Or should she instead give Saraya a title shot in an attempt to shut her up once and for all? Fortunately, Hayter found a way to have her cake and eat it too.

Jamie Hayter is willing to work overtime at AEW Revolution.

Speaking with Tony Schiavone in the locker room, Hayter was asked if she and Baker are angry that Saraya continues to disrespect the AEW Women's Division.

“Angry? Tony Schiavone, we are p*ssed,” Hayter said. “Saraya is getting a little bit too big for her britches for my liking. She thinks she can just walk on in here and do whatever she wants and wreak havoc, and destroy everything Britt Baker, and me, and all of the women in this division have created? I don’t like that, okay? I saw her gazing at my belt in the ring the other day, sure, maybe she is worthy of a title shot now that I think about it, she’s not lost one match since she came back, I respect that, this big, momentous return and look at everything she’s trying to do. Ruin it from the ground up.”

“But I think someone else is also deserving of a title shot at Revolution, Miss Ruby Soho. Ever since she came back, she’s been killing it, busting her a** and showing everybody why she should be coming after this belt as well. So I tell you what, I’m racking my brains to decide who deserves it more, one or the other, I don’t know. So why don’t we have a little bit of fun at Revolution and make it a three-way match? Because Ruby, Saraya, I’m gonna beat both of you  b*tches. Neither one of you are going to win this title off of me.”

Well there you go, folks, are running triple threat matches multiple times over the past few weeks, it would appear Hayter will be working multi-women match of her own at Revolution, where she could theoretically lose the belt without being pinned. Hopefully, Soho and Saraya aren't in cahoots; otherwise, she may have a problem.