Though Kenny Omega prepares for his triumphant return to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, for his first-ever match against Chris Jericho in his hometown, “The Best Bout Machine” may not have to look too far to find his next challenger in AEW. Why? Well, because none other than Paul Wight, the biggest show in the promotion, might just want to try his hand at a big-little match against one of the best in-ring talents AEW has to offer.

“There are a couple guys I want to work with,” Wight said on The Deuce and Mo Show via Fightful. “I definitely want to work with Kenny Omega at some point. I’m totally fascinated by a lot of stuff Kenny Omega does. Kenny and I could have a great big man, little man match. I have zero doubts in my mind we could rip the roof off the building. (Powerhouse) Hobbs, Wardlow. Even Darby Allin. I’d probably have to be a bad guy to compete against Darby Allin, but if I was a bad guy competing against Darby Allin, I could have the place rioting because he does such a good job with his character of selling and fighting from underneath. Lance Archer is another one. Orange Cassidy would be fun to play with, maybe tag with. As an opponent, he’d probably irritate the hell out of me, but as a tag partner he’d be a lot of fun. I always tease Dark Order that I’m a card carrying member of Dark Order and I’m going to join Dark Order. There are so many great talents that whatever we put together, we’re going to have fun with. We have Satnam Singh, who is 7’2”, he’s a little green right now, but at some point, if I tag with him and show him how to tag team wrestle as a giant, that would be fun and maybe down the road split up into a feud there. The landscape is wide open to do whatever.”

Whoa, while it’s unlikely many AEW fans had a Wight-Omega watch on their 2023 wish list, the prospects of seeing what the supersized showman can do in the ring against one of the best workers in the world today is incredibly interesting. Does it make sense storyline-wise? I mean no, not really, but considering The Elite are sort of in a weird spot at the moment, with their next move very much up in the air once they finish their match with the Jericho Appreciation Society and The House Of Black on Dynamite, who knows; maybe Khan can find a way to sneak that effort onto a card after all?

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks have a lot on their plates in AEW.

Discussing what it’s like to be the last three EVPs standing in AEW by Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Kenny Omega noted that while he misses being able to roll into an arena and just focus on his match, having an expanded role in Tony Khan’s company has given “The Cleaner” a better appreciation for everything that does into running a show.

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“It makes me miss the days when I could just roll up with my carry bag and be like, ‘let’s just think about the match we have tonight’ and the match is over and that’s it. That’s where the stress starts and ends, with your own performance. Now, there is so much more that goes into it,” Omega said via Fightful. “Though our various roles, they do have limits, of course, we don’t do everything. We have more of an infrastructure, and we have people that do have roles and jobs in the company so it’s not like we were as busy as we were in year one. However, there are still things we have to do all the time, and there are still things that prevent us from being the people we used to be. For the people that came before us and had roles in major wrestling companies but still had to go out on TV and pretend like, ‘this is the entire reason I’m here, this one performance,’ but they had so many other things on their plate that you never did see, that wasn’t for the public to see or even understand or hear about, these are legends that get told decades later, I have so much more respect for them, for people that were actively involved on the show but were also counted on by people on their team to provide in some other way that took time from their schedule.”

When Paquette asked how being an EVP in AEW has changed his relationship with the other wrestlers on the roster, Omega hoped it hasn’t, as he and the Jacksons, Nick and Matt, attempt to be as down-to-earth as possible.

“I’m not sure,” Omega said. “It would be sad if people are pretending to be nice to me because of it. I hope that’s not the case. The Bucks and I always have an open door policy. If we can do something for anybody, our door is always open. Just come to us with whatever woe you may have backstage. The last thing I would want to do is create a divide where it’s like, you guys are over here doing your thing, we’re over here because what? We’re more important? I don’t ever want to feel that way, and it’s never been that way. We’re just boys in the locker room. We don’t try to exude any aura about us, ‘we’re a suit in the office.’ It’s definitely not how we try to present ourselves.”

Do AEW fans view Omega and The Bucks differently because of their titles? Or is it their pro wrestling pedigree that really puts the trio in a league of their own within the AEW Galaxy? Either way, it’s nice to know the trio haven’t let their titles get to their heads.