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Luigi Primo immediately captures the hearts of AEW fans

AEW, Tony Khan, Luigi Primo, RJ City, Grand Slam

In less than 30 seconds of television time, AEW introduced the wrestling world to its new favorite performer: Luigi Primo.

That’s right, in a segment designed to advertise for Grand Slam, which is booked for the subsequent edition of Dynamite live from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York, Alex Marvez called for a backstage segment to talk to introduce fans to the “premier pizzamaker in professional wrestling, Luigi Primo” before the performer in question was leveled by Ethan Page in an attempt to garner a little extra television time following his extended segment with MJF and Stokely Hathaway. Though the segment would continue on and end with Danhausen being challenged to a match versus “Egon” Page on Rampage, fans the world over were left with one simple question: who the heck is Luigi Primo?

Well, according to his Twitter bio, “I make a best pizza, I’m a best wrestler. DM for a booking,” which honestly says it all. Primo has worked for various indie promotions, including Inspire Pro Wrestling and Party World Rasslin’, a promotion that got its own ESPN article talking about its “distinctive mix of performance art, theatre, and sport,” and though the AEW Galaxy didn’t exactly get a long look at Primo, his appearance immediately captured the hearts of fans the world over, as his Twitter account ballooned up to 10,000 followers and he even earned shoutouts from the likes of Tony Khan and RJ City.

Is this the last fans will see of Primo in AEW, or will he earn another spot at AEW’s Grand Slam? Either way, it’s clear his rate just went up, which is all that really matters.