In case you haven't heard, AEW‘s newest stable, La Faccion Ingobernable is on a bit of a roll.

Since the arrival of Rush in the promotion, the duo are undefeated in singles action, with Andrade picking up a fantastic win over Rey Fenix and the man formerly known as “Toro Blanco” going 1-0 with a win over Penta Oscuro on AEW Dynamite, and outside of a pair of losses in the Interim Championship Battle Royal and the Rampage Rumble, their in-ring mastery has been unstoppable – much to the chagrin of the Lucha Brothers, who have been firmly in their sights ever since.

While for the time being things remain a fair fight, with the two teams comprised of two performers each, when PAC returns from his British excursion, the numbers game will shift firmly into the camp of Death Triangle, with no clear other ally on the roster save Jose The Assistant, who, funny enough, got into it a bit with Alex Abrahantes during the Penta-Rush match on Dynamite.

So, when La Faccion's members took to Twitter to each share a picture from a photo shoot that featured a mysterious fourth man in a red suit, it generated a bit of buzz around the AEW Universe. Who could it be? Is there an AEW performer already on the roster who is looking to join a team or is another member of the greater Los Ingobernables faction about to make his debut in Tony Khan's promotion? There are three performers in particular who feel perfectly suited to fill the role.

Three wrestlers who could perfectly fill out La Faccion Ingobernable in AEW.

3. Dragon Lee

If there's one option and one option alone who feels like the most logical addition to La Faccion Ingobernable, it's Dragon Lee.

The real-life brother of Rush who has wrestled alongside him in CMLL, NJPW, ROH, The Crash, and a number of other promotions around Mexico, Dragon Lee is one of the more exciting cruiserweight performers in the wrestling world today, with the athletic abilities to go toe-to-toe with Rey Fenix and the savvy to fight off even the biggest baddies in the center of the ring.

Oh yeah, and did I mention Lee can do things like this in the ring?

However could I have forgotten?

If TK wants to add someone to the group who can wrestle the likes of Fenix, Nick Jackson, and Buddy Matthews, tag with Rush against teams like Swerve in our Glory, Team Taz, and The Gunn Club, or compete for the trios title that pretty much everyone expects to be coming in the not-too-distant future, there really isn't an easier fit on the open market today who fits La Faccion Ingobernable than the man who literally wrestlers under the name alongside Dralistico in AAA right now.

2. Dralistico

Is there a world where AEW signs Dragon Lee over Dralistico? No probably not but that has more to do with the relationship between Lee and Rush than it does with anything “wrong” with Dralistico.

A decade-plus pro of the business with well over 1,000 matches on his resume, Dralistico is a darn good performer who may get overshadowed from time to time by his partner but is no less impressive in the ring, as the duo's match with FTR at Lucha Libre AAA's Gira 30 Aniversario match clearly showcases. Dralistico can fly, he can grapple, and his suplex game is solid too; really, the only thing Dralistico isn't great at is using a tag rope but considering FTR abandoned that gimmick months ago, that aspect of the AEW game has long since passed.

If La Faccion opts to expand out from three and eventually encompasses four or even five other performers, then there really isn't a better man for the expanded opportunity than Dralistico.

1. Bandido

If AEW wants to take things outside of the pre-existing Los Ingobernables family for the final member of the promotion's current configuration of La Faccion Ingobernables, the best man for the job has to be Bandido.

“The Most Wanted Man in Mexico” has had a tough go of things since Ring of Honor released their roster and reorganized under Tony Khan in December and April respectively. He lost the Ring of Honor World Championship to Jonathan Gresham at Supercard of Honor 2022, had to cancel a GCW appearance that raised a few eyes across the independent wrestling world, and has been relegated to wrestling Alex Hammerstone for the Heavyweight Championship in MLW, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as “Your Boy Hammer” is a fantastic worker but is also currently filling the role of forever champion under kayfabe booker Cesar Duran.

Throw Bandido back into the spotlight as part of one of the more exciting new groups in AEW and watch his in-ring style, which is reminiscent of Kenny Omega plus some Lucha flair, tear up stages across the wrestling world, coming live from a stadium near you.