After weeks of back-and-forth fights, the time for talking was over, with Chris Jericho and Adam Cole finally getting to settle things in the ring in an unsanctioned match at Double or Nothing.

Beginning the match with a chair duel Star Wars-style between Sabu and Jericho – a throwback to ECW – the match rapidly transformed into a one-on-one affair, with Jericho and Cole wanting nothing more than to beat each other to the bone without the help of their friends.

With the distractions eliminated, Jericho put Cole in a Liontamer but found a shocking sight when Cole pulled a fire extinguisher from under the ring and sprayed his foe right in the face. Jericho then turned the fire extinguisher on Cole before securing a Kendo stick from under the ring. Fortunately, before Cole could take a blow, Britt Baker emerged with a stick of her own and beat the ever-loving you-know-what out of Jericho and then Saraya, who attempted the save. After watching his girlfriend run off the former Diva, Cole secured the stick and used it to choke out Jericho, hitting him a few times for fun too.

Rising to the top rope for a super Kendo strike, Jericho hit Cole in the face with a flying chair and dropped him through a table on the outside. Laying barely conscious, Jericho beat Cole's head off the ring apron, before rolling him into the ring and securing a long metal chain with handcuffs at each end. Locking one end to Cole's wrist, Jericho found himself handcuffed to the former Undisputed Era leader, turning the match into an impromptu chain match, as JR pointed out on commentary. Exchanging moves, including a chained-up Panama Sunrise, Jericho turned a Judas Effect into a chain choke before finding himself on the wrong end of a back-of-the-head Boom. Wrapping the chain around his knee for an even badder Boom, Cole proceeded to unload the chamber on Jericho, punching him in the face until Aubrey Edwards called the contest because Jericho fell unconscious.

Was there really a point in having Sabu involved in this match? Eh, not really, but hey, it certainly made for an interesting angle, even if it wasn't used nearly as much as some may have hoped.