Heading into AEW Dynamite, Wheeler Yuta had a very specific goal in mind: to bring the All-Atlantic Championship back to the Blackpool Combat Club.

On paper, the table was set fairly well heading into the match, which opened up Dynamite; Yuta was a member of Best Friends before he jumped ship to the BCC, and he knows about as well as anyone else just what kind of tricks OC and his pals can pull out in a match. After confronting the freshly-squeezed champion, who is now the longest-reigning All-Atlantic Champion in the belt's history, on Rampage, Yuta went back to the BCC dojo to get his game ready heading into one of his most important matches as a member of AEW.

Fortunately for the fans in Phoenix and watching from home, OC and Yuta turned in one heck of an opening contest, with drama, intrigue, Claudio Castignoli ringside, and most importantly of all, fantastic in-ring work designed to have the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats. Attempting to show the brutality that fans have come to expect from the BCC, Yuta found himself bested by OC's Best Friends-style trickery, ultimately losing the match to a combination Orange Punch-Beach Break for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Cassidy decided to be the bigger man and offered Yuta a hug, which is the finest honor within the Best Friends circle, but before he could accept, Castagnoli demanded his group's youngest member to accompany him to the back, likely giving his foe a hard time for not securing the win and another championship for the BCC.

So what gives? Is Yuta about to leave the BCC? Is the BCC going to even be a thing moving forward, as Bryan Danielson doesn't exactly associate with the group much anymore now that he's a certified babyface? Fans will hopefully find out soon enough.