When news broke that the final match of the Full Gear AEW World Championship Eliminators Tournament would not, in fact, take place at Full Gear, it left many a fan scratching their heads. Sure, getting the match, which would have featured either Brian Cage, Lance Archer, or Ricky Starks facing off against Ethan Page, onto the card would have been tough, as it would have either meant getting Starks vs. Archer on Dynamite, Cage vs. Archer/Starks on Rampage and then the finale on the Pay-Per-View but hey, with a little work, that could have happened.

Unfortunately, that didn't come to pass, but what ended up on the card was pretty darn good nonetheless, say fans were afforded the rubber match of sorts of the Team Taz saga, as Starks and Cage went to war for a spot in the finale opposite “All Ego” a mere 85.3 miles away from Philadelphia, where their infamous Philly Street Fight took place last October.

Wrestling injured thanks to a beatdown by Archer the night and week before, Starks wrestled a smart match, getting rope-a-doped by his bigger, swoller opponent before getting in some sneaky offense, hitting a spear, and, as unlikely as it may sound, hitting Cage with the Roshambo for the 1-2-3. For Cage, this was a bummer, as his second run in AEW has featured a whole lot more losing than winning, but in the end, Tony Khan made the right choice, as this was Stark's match to win. Assuming MJF wins the main event, Starks is a fantastic opening opponent.