Goodness, if you had Orange Cassidy versus Will Ospreay on your match of the year prediction bingo card then you, my friend, are in luck, as the duo came out to the ring in their usual styles, began the match with their hands in their respective pockets, and turned in one of the best matches you will ever see in an AEW or NJPW ring.

The match started off as many OC matches do – slow; the duo took their time, feeling each other out in the way only Cassidy knows how to do, before diving into a fast-paced, hard-hitting affair featuring numerous near-falls, should-have-been finish, and one particularly brutal nut shot from Ospreay on Cassidy that may have forever altered his genetic makeup and pulp content for years to come.

But this wasn't your typical spot fest; no, Ospreay is too good and Cassidy too weird to let that happen. Using his typical counter-heavy style, Cassidy played mind games versus his opponent from rolling away from a splash to avoiding Ospreay's signature hidden blade move by simply falling down, and made the rightful IWGP US Champion have to work to retain his title, even if he doesn't technically hold the title at the moment, since Juice Robinson refused to give it back. Still, even in loss, and with “Jane” not played as his new theme song, OC proved his doubters wrong, proved his mettle in the ring, and proved once and for all that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world, even if his laissez-faire approach has driven some observers crazy and others to enthusiastically dub him the “King of Sloth Style.”

Goodness, Match of the Year indeed.