Parker Boudreaux is officially a member of the AEW Galaxy.

No, the company hasn’t issued a press release announcing the former member of NXT’s addition to the roster, delivered an “Is All Elite” graphic, or even added him to the official roster page on their website – Don’t believe me? Check for yourself here –  but for all intents and purposes, Bourdeaux is a member of AEW and part of their plans moving forward. How do I know? Well, Tony Khan let everyone know by simply putting the man formerly known as Harland on the AEW Dark Elevation thumbnail.

Yup, that’s Boudreaux right there, standing curiously on the face side of the open graphic sandwiched between the head of “The Meat Man” John Silver, and Skye Blue, who has formed a bit of a team with her shoot boyfriend Dante Martin.

Huh, what’s the deal? Are Boudreaux and his Trustbuster buddies going to be a face faction in AEW despite everything in their backstory being decidedly heelish? Or is he simply working face in the match a la how Ruby Soho is on the heel side of the graphic? Let’s find out.

Parker Boudreaux is looking to make a statement in an AEW ring.

Parker Boudreaux is a big, bad dude; “stalking” to the Dark Elevation ring, in the words of Tony Schiavone, with the Trustbusters’ money mark Ari Daivari, Boudreaux didn’t immediately pounce on his opponent, Casey Carrington, on his way to the pay window. No, the former NCAA offensive lineman took his time heading to the ring, letting his opponent savor every moment of his in-ring time before Paul Turner called for the bell and the match officially began.

When that happened, however, Boudreaux got to business, swarming on his foe like a shark to blood before getting him to the mat with a nasty – in a good way – upper-bodyslam. The mat, as it turns out, would become a pretty familiar place for Carrington, as he was dropped to the mat by a charging lariat into the corner, thrown into the mat with a beal, flipped onto the mat with a running clothesline lariat, and then cemented him into the mat once and for all with a vertical side suplex that would make Matt Morgan blush.

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The rest of the AEW roster, and Ring of Honor roster for that matter too, take note: Parker Boudreaux is here, and he’s a bad, bad, man.

For those keeping track at home, this marks eight straight wins for the Trustbusters in an AEW/Ring of Honor ring, with Daivari sitting at 5-0, Slim J at 3-0, and Boudreaux having secured wins in each of his first two singles matches post-NXT. While we may never truly know whether or not NXT/WWE regret saying goodbye to Boudreaux, it’s clear Tony Khan is very happy to have the Brock Lesnar-looking beast on his roster instead of working for the competition.

Will this whole Trustbuster thing actually work? Will Ari Daivari, Slim J, and Parker Boudreaux actually form a trio worthy of note in AEW, or will the unit serve as nothing more than a stepping stone on the “Baby Beast Incarnate‘s” path to in-ring supremacy? Or will they remember this trio like the Miro’s debut in AEW as “Superbad” Kip Sabian’s “Best Man?” Will it actually work, and deliver onto the professional wrestling world something uniquely special? Only time, as they say, will tell.