Ask, and you shall receive, AEW fans.

After keeping track of trios match results since all the way back in 2019, Tony Khan and company have officially announced the arrival of the AEW World Trios Championship, with the belts' initial winners being decided via a tournament that will culminate at All Out in Chicago.

Friends, AEW is never going to be the same.

Now, as you may or may not know, the original winners of the AEW tag team championship were actually members of a trio, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian of SCU. While the third member of the SCU, Christopher Daniels, did still wrestle with his friends from time to time, both in trios matches and other situations, when the title was defended no Free Bird rule was initiated, and only the initial belt winners defended the strap. Could we see the day when SCU gets back together and perform as a trio once more? Potentially so, while Daniels and Kaz aren't allowed to tag team together in the promotion, that, to my knowledge, doesn't include trios matches, and the three men could attempt to recapture their former glory in the ring once more.

But frankly, these belts aren't being christened to make life more interesting for Southern California's finest. No, these belts are all about getting Adam Page and the Young Bucks, known jointly as The Hung Bucks, against the team formerly known as The Undisputed Era.

AEW just set the stage for a massive new feud.

In the early days of The Elite,  one of the biggest questions surrounding the independent wrestling world was who would win a match, The Young Bucks versus The Revival? This question fueled dozens of Being The Elite segments, more than a few in-jokes, and enough utterances of FTR both by the performers and the crowds at shows that when the men know known as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler became freed from the clutches of The Fed, the duo took up the name as their own.

But Young Bucks-FTR wasn't the only dream rivalry fueling the internet hype machine between NJPW/ROH and eventually AEW versus NXT/WWE; no, for a time, the two hottest factions on Wednesday nights were none other than The Elite and the Undisputed Era.

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Now Adam Cole, to his credit, kept things cool between the two factions, giving the following quote via Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard all the way back in 2018 as dictated by Wrestling Inc.'s Joshua Gagnon.

“Those guys would fit perfectly in the Undisputed Era. They’re exactly what the Undisputed Era is all about: cutting-edge, going against the grain, doing what they want when they want. Obviously, a lot of people know my history with Kenny Omega, and I have a very long history with the Young Bucks, and those guys would fit perfectly. It’s like two peas in a pod.”

Goodness, what a cute, unassuming quote – if only 2018 Cole knew what his 2022 self would be up to.

Now, as fans surely know, Cole and Kenny Omega had a minor clash over the control of the Undisputed Elite, with the former playing a part in his Bullet Club buddy's loss to “Hangman” Adam Page, but since then, the feud has largely been in a passive-aggressive stupor, with Omega gone and the Bucks' collective eyes starting to drift back to their former The Hung Bucks partner over playing second banana to a reDRagon team that has betrayed them in the past.

Theoretically, the addition of trios belts should be a massive boon for the Undisputed Elite, as it would finally give Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly a chance to put gold around their waists, but what if, instead, it turns out to be the thing that breaks the duo up and starts a full-on war between the two teams? What if Cole's greatest rival in AEW, Page, picks things back up with the Bucks after a few months of false starts, and they fight tooth and nail with their former friends like only former friends can on the way to an incredible bout at All Out in Chicago?

Can you say money angle, folks?

Why has it taken Tony Khan so long to introduce the AEW World Trios Championship? Frankly, no one really knows; they were initially rumored to be introduced on a Jericho Cruise, but two have passed, and the belts never came. But now, with the runway in pace to crown an inaugural champion, AEW can make fans happy with not one but two of the promotion's most highly anticipated developments; developments that can only get more exciting when Kenny Omega finally gets back into the ring.