When MJF walked into the back of the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, at the end of Full Gear, he officially added a qualifier to his expansive list of titles. That's right, joining “The Salt of the Earth,” “I'm Better than you and you know it,” and “Pete Lightning” – when he's feeling nostalgic – is AEW World Champion, a fun byproduct of decking Jon Moxley in the main event of the Pay-Per-View before Bryce Remsburg counted him out with a 1-2-3.

Now granted, did MJF “earn it” himself, as he suggested he wanted to before the bout? Heck no, the “Salt of the Earth” was secretly in cahoots with none other than the namesake of the Blackpool Combat Club, William Regal, who turned on his former ward for the newer, younger champion, but you know what they say in the professional wrestling world, the referee can only call what he sees and when MJF decked his opponent out with a swift strike with his brass knuckles-laced fingers, Remsburg was still recovering from an earlier connection with the in-ring talent, and as a result, he didn't see any of it.

So naturally, when MJF came to the back and sat down next to Tony Khan to discuss the lead-up to and his eventual win at Full Gear, the assembled media was going to ask him about it all, about his changing opinion, his team-up with Regal, and what else could be in store for the 26-year-old champ. Fortunately, or not, depending on your opinion, MJF was having none of it and instead ripped off a two-minute promo before making his exit to celebrate in the back.

MJF had a lot to say after becoming AEW Champion.

So normally, when a champion comes back to the back to speak with the media after the show, they take a seat next to Khan, sit at the microphone, and take questions from the assembled media members. MJF, by contrast, did not want to do it and instead cut a promo, insulted basically everyone, and said goodbye.

“The times, they are a changing,” MJF said to the assembled media. “Wait your turn, people pay to see me, not you. Let's talk, shall we? AEW is now destination television, once again. The ship has been steered properly once again. This belt is now the most important belt in this entire sport, and it's thanks to three letters. It damn sure ain't AEW. I know for a mother*cking fact it ain't Mox, It's MJF. Godd*mn, you people are f*cking dumb. No offense. Are you f*ckers stupid? You morons bit on every single word I had to say this past couple of months, huh? ‘I wanna earn it.' ‘I wanna…' f*ck that! I deserve it because I'm the best wrestler in the f*cking world. Every single one of you know it. On the microphone, in the ring, nobody can touch me. That's a fact, nobody is on my level. To think you guys still believed me when I put over this motherf*cker. Grow the f*ck up, no offense. Grow up. ‘MJF, what's going on with you Regal? We're all really interested.' You think I'm going to tell you anything? With 70,000 f*cking hardcore marks watching at home, jerking off in their grandma's basement. You think I give a sh*t? If you want to know anything about the most important man in professional wrestling, you have to tune in to the MJF show, that's every Wednesday on TBS. You know d*mn well that it's destination TV. Here's what's going to f*cking happen. I'm going to take a shower, I'm going to get all of Moxley's disgusting hepatitis A through Z off of me, and then in the morning, I'm going to do what nobody else on the roster does because I'm the only real f*cking star here, I'm going to hop on a jet, and I'm gonna go to my godd*mn movie set. Anybody got any questions? Just kidding. Thank you. F*ck you. Bye.”

Dang, you have to give it to MJF, he's at least consistent; he was a cocky assistant to Cody Rhodes when he debuted, a cocky contender when he was running a campaign against Moxley before their first championship match, and of course, now he's cocky now that he's the champion. If anyone really expected MJF to suddenly go on the straight and narrow, or better yet, become a babyface now that he's on top of the AEW Galaxy, you were unfortunately mistaken. If anything, MJF is going to be the most MJF-y MJF in the history of MJFs, and the rest of the AEW world should officially be on notice.