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AEW’s tweets and deletes exhibition match slate for Tokyo Game Show

AEW, Tokyo Game Show, Christopher Daniels, Konosuke Takeshita, Kenny Omega

While Kenny Omega currently lives it up in Tokyo, having cake with his former Golden Lovers tag team partner Kota Ibushi, playing Turtles in Time with Michael Nakazawa, and buddying it up with the folks at Sega before being scanned into the Yakuza game engine, AEW has been preparing for the Japanese debut of Fight Forever, their long-awaited debut video game that is showing at the Tokyo Game Show.

Will Omega be there to help introduce the game he was very hands-on in producing? No one really knows; after long being booked for the convention and having a ticket to Tokyo clearly booked to take his talents across the Pacific, his suspension very much throws that proposition into wack. Still, fans eager to check out the game at the show can at least take solace in knowing that they will be able to not only see what Fight Forever is all about but witness some top-tier in-ring work via a slate over impressive AEW wrestlers looking to leave it all in the ring for Tony Khan’s company.

… or can they?

That’s right, two days removed from Omega deleting a “non-wrestling tweet” of his own, the official AEW Games Twitter account tweeted but then deleted a post of its own announcing the performers scheduled for the show.

Huh, what gives? Was this tweet, which was fortunately archived, get deleted because Konosuke Takeshita’s name was spelled wrong? Or is AEW still working out the exact details of the show and opted to simply re-post the graphic in the future once everything is sorted out? Either way, let’s hope the show ultimately goes on, as there are a slew of interesting performers, from Christopher Daniels to Maki Itoh, booked for the exhibition.