Last week, the Boston Celtics decided to renounce the rights of Jared Sullinger, who promptly came to an agreement to join the Toronto Raptors. According to Sullinger during his press conference on Thursday, it was an easy decision that was made easier after he spoke to his 2015-16 Celtics teammate, Amir Johnson.

Sullinger told the media about the positive image of Toronto that Johnson portrayed to him, as reported by Holly MacKenzie of

“I talked to Amir while I was in Vegas,” Sullinger said. “Amir said it's a beautiful city. He didn't want to leave. He said the fans are unbelievable. He said Toronto made him who he is today. When you hear stuff like that, especially from Amir, being able to know Amir, everything he's done, everything he's been through, it means everything coming from Amir.”

As soon as the news that Boston were letting him go was known to the world, Sullinger took to Twitter to express his excitement.

He also had a message for his fans in Boston.

Sullinger has had conditioning issues throughout his career in the NBA, leaving many Celtics fans frustrated at his inability to get in suitably good shape. Despite this, the forward has been able to contribute to Boston’s revival over the last couple of years and will be missed by the fan-base in Beantown.

Considering the frenzied free agency taking place over the last week or so, Sullinger signed a relatively modest contract in comparison to many other players that perhaps don’t have the ability that he has shown. He signed a one-year contract worth $5.6 million.

The Raptors finished second in the Eastern Conference last year and the addition of Sullinger will not harm their chances of building on that in the next campaign.

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