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Among Us tops Nintendo Switch best sellers overnight

InnerSloth, the developers of 2020 gaming sensation Among Us, announced on Twitter a new milestone for the game. Hours after its release on the Nintendo Switch, the game became a top seller. It managed to supersede other Switch classics which included Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing.

Their Switch sales are the latest achievement that they’ve acquired in the past few days. A few weeks ago, Among Us garnered the Best Mobile Game trophy at The Game Awards 2020. The developers mentioned the monumental rise of their social media following as they earned a million within a month. The game was lauded as the 10th best game of 2020 by Polygon.com, stating how it saved the world from the fatigue of Zoom meetings.

Besides its popularity and backstabbing mechanics, the Switch controls are its primary selling point. Players don’t need to worry about their gargantuan fingers struggling in a mobile device as the Switch’s controls offer a smooth experience. This explains why the game managed to be a top seller amid the $6.30 price tag which isn’t present in its mobile version.

Though the game managed to reach unprecedented heights with the Switch, there are still some flaws. The lack of voice chat is currently an issue as typing on Switch consumes a lot of time.

Given their decisions to introduce the game to the PC and Switch, it’s possible that InnerSloth might plan to expand the game in future installments. They might be targeting their sights on both the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 as their next objectives.