Andrew Bogut has been the stone wall in the back to protect the rim for the Warriors this series. Specifically with Draymond Greent out for Game 5, the hope was that Bogut would be able to step up in his absence. The hope from Warriors fans started to turn into reality as he did a fantastic job defensively in the early going. But, soon, all hope was lost.

Just a minute and a half into the 3rd quarter of the game last night, Andrew Bogut jumped up to defend J.R. Smith at the rim. Bogut fell awkwardly when coming down from the contest, as he made contact with Smith. Here's the video of his injury:

That's definitely not a good sign for the Warriors, as it seems to be a severe one. Bogut was unable to put any pressure on the leg once he was helped to the locker room. USA Today Sports reported that the knee is sprained, and an MRI today will give a more accurate diagnosis and eventually a timetable for his return.

Once Bogut had to leave the game, there was no rim protection whatsoever, which allowed LeBron James and Kyrie Irving to have a field day when driving into the paint. Draymond Green returning in Game 6 should make a huge difference.

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