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APEX Legends Season 8 kicks off with an explosion

Respawn Entertainment, APEX Legends

Mayhem is the name of the game for APEX Legends‘ eighth consecutive season. It hasn’t even been one whole year since the game finally landed on the Steam platform but Respawn Entertainment is ready for the next batch of content. The fights only get more harrowing from this point with the addition of a new legend and a new rifle. Explosions are everywhere as we venture into Season 8 of APEX Legends. Let’s take a close look at just what players can expect to experience and enjoy in this upcoming season.

A Short Fuse

Fuse drops into the APEX roster as disruptive as any fragmentation grenade. Respawn and EA announced the latest addition to the Legend lineup in late January with a brief character introduction trailer. Previously, several blog updates featuring Fuse’s lore made their way on websites and updates on the Steam platform. It was clear that we were getting a brand new explosive Legend but few expected such a chaotic skill kit.

The initial blog teaser post expertly teased Fuse’s background as a demolitions expert. Naturally, many fans speculated the upcoming Legend’s skill kit to be built entirely around the use of explosives. That intuition proved to be true as Fuse boasts a daunting array of explosive weaponry. His basic skill and ultimate both revolve around dealing damage to opponents in a wide area using grenades. The interesting thing about his overall kit is his relationship with in-game grenades because of his passive skill. Fuse can stack two grenades in the inventory, something that no other Legend can do.

Of course, all of his skills and battle potential are mere conjecture until we actually see him in action. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait any longer as he launches alongside the beginning of Season 8. The only thing standing between you and playing Fuse is the requisite amount of coins or legend tokens.

Fuse isn’t the only addition to the game. The new 30-30 Repeater, a lever-action rifle, makes its way to the grand arsenal of Apex Legends. The new rifle is sure to shake up the playstyle of many players. Additionally, word of a new gold magazine could potentially change the tone of in-game firefights. The gold magazine in question automatically reloads guns when they are not in active use. Prepare yourself for a wild ride in Season 8.

Earn your Keep

Apex goes post-apocalyptic in its eighth season. Fuse looks pulled straight from a weird hybrid of Borderlands and Mad Max and the rest of the game has followed suit. Subsequently, the Season 8 Battle Pass offers several exciting rewards themed around the Mayhem look. Think of a wasteland filled with gun-toting marauders and you have a close idea of what’s in store for all Apex players.

What exactly hangs in the balance for players? Well, as usual, the rewards are vastly different for free battle pass players and those that shell out the required 950 Apex Coins. If you’re not comfortable spending money on a free game, don’t worry! Free players stand to gain a cool Octane skin, seven Apex Packs, and win trackers for all of the Legends.

Naturally, Respawn reserves the best season 8 rewards for the premium Battle Pass players. Masters of the Flatline rifle can expect a nifty new road warrior style cosmetic upgrade. Additionally, a legendary skin for the Longbow unlocks at levels 100 and 110 of the premium Battle Pass. Obviously, the BP can’t include all of the Legends but if you favor playing as Lifeline and Bangalore, then there are two legendary skins coming your way.

The Season 8 Premium Battle Pass features free Apex Coins, Apex Packs, Gun charms, and several other rewards for loyal players. Lifeline, Horizon, Pathfinder, Wraith, and Fuse hold the distinction of being the Legends awarded with a special drop emote this season. Hopefully, the other Legends get their day in future seasons of APEX Legends.

Ready to Drop?

The look may change but the game remains the same at its core. With the exception of the new Legend and a revamped look for the entirety of the King’s Canyon map, APEX Legends remains the same challenging title. Similar to other Battle Royales, persevering through several skilled opponents earns the most satisfying victory. Respawn Entertainment and EA carefully crafted a chaotic world for the eighth season. If the battle pass and season trailer videos are any indication, all players should expect a wilder experience playing Apex in the following weeks.

Hopefully, like Season 7, players receive additional game events that help reward more in-game goodies.