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Apex Legends’ fix for server issues might take a while

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Apex Legends has always been notoriously known for having server issues in the game. This time around, the disconnecting issues have gotten worse and Respawn is looking for their Apex Legends fix. 

Over the past two and a half years, players have constantly been experiencing in-game server issues. From unexplained lags and latency to randomly disconnecting from the game, Apex has been a hot mess. With the most recent worsening of server disconnections, Respawn has been trying hard to come up with a fix. However, it might take a few more days until a full fix arrives for this issue.

In the previous update, Respawn has already come up with server improvements. These updates weren’t enough though since players are now experiencing three times more than the normal rate of server disconnects. All of these issues started occurring last September 14, and it’s been ongoing since then. Respawn says that Apex’s servers will stabilize come September 22 in the next patch.

Until Apex Legends‘ fix for its server issues is done, it’ll be quite risky to queue for ranked mode. These random server disconnects will cost players their ranked points which is something players surely wouldn’t like to lose. Especially now that Respawn is busy working on a fix, they wouldn’t be able to attend to RP loss needs. This is why Respawn decided to extend ranked queues for another week to make up for the undeservingly lost points. Players can now rest easy having the thought that they still have extra time to catch up on their ranks.