When introducing Season 16 of Apex Legends to the players, Respawn wanted to make it clear that this season was meant to fix and organize the game. This was because with the many new Legends and the many gameplay mechanics they had previously introduced, the game had become quite cluttered. With that in mind, Respawn had decided to make season 16 the season where they overhaul the core gameplay aspects of Apex Legends so as to balance out the game.

Because of the many changes implemented into the game, season 16 drastically changed the metagame of Apex Legends. For one, with the role changes, every Legend either got a new passive ability or their passive ability got buffed even further. There were also those Legends that did not have any passive to speak of and were simply powercrept with how strong the abilities of the new Legends were. With this change in the metagame and the changes made to the roles of the Legends, there were a lot of changes to what were considered the best Legends in the game. That being said, we’re here to tell you which among these Legends are the best for each role.

Best Assault Legend – Bangalore 

With the arrival of Season 16 in Apex Legends, her smoke has been revamped such that it is able to fully block out the recon abilities of most recon characters. This makes it such that she is a hard counter against characters that mainly rely on knowing the opponents’ positions as a way to get an advantage over them. Because of this, she has become much more heavily played considering how many wall hacking abilities legends received over the course of this game’s history.

In addition to being able to easily counter a lot of the recon legends, her other abilities allow her to play very aggressively. Her passive ability, Double Time, lets her either make a quick getaway or push even more aggressively. This is especially useful when enemies are able to find Bangalore in the smoke as her ability lets her quickly reposition. In addition to this, she also has the passive ability of an assault legend allowing her to bring even more ammo than usual. This lets her be constantly aggressive without the need to worry if she has enough supplies to supplement her aggression.

Her ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, is simply the icing on the cake when it comes to her kit. She can use this ability to deliver big damage to opponents across a wide open area. Aside from the huge damage being dealt, being hit by this ability slows opponents making it more difficult for them to run away.

Best Skirmisher Legend – Valkyrie 

Valkyrie has long been a menace of a Legend since her introduction in Season 9. Ever since her introduction in Apex Legends, Valkyrie has been at the top of the meta due to how much is packed in her kit. However, with the arrival of Season 16 of Apex Legends, several nerfs were handed out to Valkyrie in the form of changing her role from a recon Legend to a skirmisher. It can even be said that these changes were brought about due to her dominance. However, despite these changes, she continues to dominate the metagame due to her sheer versatility.

When talking about her versatility, her passives and ultimate ability are usually what defines it. Her passive ability lets her get to high ground quickly and easily. This is especially advantageous in high paced combat situations where speed and height is a huge advantage. In addition to this, her Ultimate Ability, Skyward Dive, takes it up a notch. Skyward Dive is essentially a mobile jump tower that allows an entire squad to reposition. This is especially powerful in situations where a squad finds themselves in between several other squads. This versatility is further aided when her other passive triggers. This passive lets her spot out opponents while she is gliding around. This is a lot of information especially when flying around.

Her tactical ability, while not mentioned much, is also what made her powerful in Apex Legends. A well aimed rocket can help her get some space and draw out enemies hiding in cover. Overall, despite the nerfs to her kit in Season 16, Valkyrie still remains as one of the most versatile Legends in the game.

Best Recon Legend – Seer

When it comes to Legends that have been a menace to Apex Legends players, Seer is definitely the Legend that takes the cake. Seer, since his release, has been terrorizing players with his ability to see through almost everything. It can even be said that he was the last straw in making Bangalore a very obscure Legend since Seer previously had the ability to see through her smokes. However, with the arrival of Season 16 in Apex Legends, Seer has since been severely nerfed and his kit has been tuned to make it a bit more fair.

Although several nerfs were handed out and some of his abilities have been reworked to be more fair, Seer is still a very much dominant force in the Apex Legends meta of Season 16. This is all thanks to the combination of his passive skill and his tactical skill which lets him oppressively scan opponents when he senses them. Although his passive skill already makes a lot of noise, it is a good trade off as it gives a really good approximation of where multiple opponents could be. This information is then used in tandem with his tactical skill where it is used to hit opponents and get a lot more info.

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These abilities are all tied up neatly when presented with his ultimate skill where he creates a dome where he can see the players that are shooting or moving. This is a powerful ability as it essentially makes a whole area transparent for Seer’s team.

With all these abilities, Seer’s ability to scout out the enemies and give info on them is still top notch but thankfully, is not as oppressive as it once was.

Best Controller Legend – Wattson

When looking at the currently available Controller Legends, none of them look like they could be a staple in the current meta of Apex Legends with all the utility being thrown around. However, there is one exception and that would be Wattson. Wattson is an exception to this due to her kit being powerful in holding down areas while also providing a lot of benefits to her team.

The most iconic part of her kit is her tactical skill where she is able to place fences in a certain area. This part of her kit is what makes her a controller as she is able to perfectly control and hold down an area. This is further supplemented by her ultimate skill where she sets up a pylon that can destroy incoming projectiles. In addition to this, the pylon also has the ability to regenerate shields which saves the team a lot of resources.

Her passive skill, while not that utilized, is still valuable as it lets her have a lot of uptime on her pylon when used correctly. All in all, Wattson is a versatile Legend who has solidified her place in the meta especially with her versatility.

Best Support Legend – Loba

Among the present Support Legends, Loba is currently considered the best one for Season 16 of Apex Legends. This is because compared to the others, she is able to provide a lot more utility to the team with her kit.

When looking at Loba’s kit, it can be seen that most of her utility stems from her Ultimate Skill which lets her set up shop. This shop gives everyone on her team the ability to get at least 2 pieces of loot and as much ammo as there is in the area. This is especially powerful as it reduces the time players need to find loot which gives them more time for taking fights against opponents that don’t have as much loot. This is well complemented by her passive skill which lets her scout out valuable loot without needing to open up the loot containers.

While not as significant as her shop, her tactical skill allows for her to be a flexible combatant. This skill allows her to make aggressive pushes or retreat back to a safer area.

When looking at her kit as a whole, it can be seen why her versatility and utility is very much valued by players.