Arlecchino is a 5-star Pyro character who was first teased in Genshin Impact alongside the other Fatui Harbingers. The Father of the House of the Hearth will arrive alongside Version 4.6. In this Genshin Impact Guide, we will be talking about Arlecchino, her abilities, weapon, and artifact build, as well as her ideal team compositions.

Genshin Impact Guide – Arlecchino Weapon and Artifact Build

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Arlecchino will be available during the first phase of Version 4.6. Se will be available until May 14, 2024.

Arlecchino Abilities Overview

We already have an article detailing Arlecchino's abilities, however, for this guide, we will go through them quickly.

Arlecchino's Normal Attack allows her to attack up to six times. Her Charged Attack will consume a fixed amount of stamina, allowing Arlecchino to dash toward a nearby enemy and cleave once. If held for longer, Arlecchino will consume Stamina to move at high speed (even above water) for up to 5 seconds.

Her Elemental Skill, All is Ash, deals Pyro DMG to multiple nearby enemies, applying Blood-Debt Directive on them. This deals Pyro DMG every 5s to enemies and can stack twice. This will last 30s. Additionally, if Arlecchino uses a Charged Attack or her Elemental Burst, she will absorb nearby Blood-Debt Directives and give her Bond of Life.

When Arlecchino has a Bond of Life above a certain percentage of her HP, she will enter the Masque of the Red Death state, which converts her Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks to Pyro DMG.

Her Elemental burst, Balemoon Rising, absorbs and clears Blood-Debt Directives from enemies around her. It will deal Pyro DMG to said enemies, while also resetting All is Ash and healing Arlecchino based on her Bond of Life value and ATK.

When leveling her Talents, level her Normal Attack first, as her Normal and Charged Attacks are her main source of damage. Follow this up with her Elemental Skill, as you will be using this often for the Blood-Debt Directive. Finally, level her Elemental Burst, as its main use is just to refresh All is Ash and heal Arlecchino.

Arlecchino Weapon Guide

The values listed below are at R5.

Crimson Moon's Semblance: Grants a Bond of Life equal to 25% of Max HP when a Charged Attack hits an opponent. This effect can be triggered up to once every 14s. In addition, when the equipping character has a Bond of Life, they gain a 28% DMG Bonus; if the value of the Bond of Life is greater than or equal to 30% of Max HP, then gain an additional 56% DMG Bonus.

Crimson Moon's Semblance is Arlecchino's best in slot weapon as it gives Arlecchino everything that she needs. For starters, it gives her additional Bond of Life, allowing her to activate her empowered Pyro Normal and Charge attacks easily. Not only that, but it also gives Arlecchino more DMG if they have a Bond of Life, which she will always have.

As this weapon's substat is Critical Rate % (22.05% at Level 90), players will just need to build Critical DMG with their Artifacts to complement the weapon.

Blackcliff Pole: After defeating an enemy, ATK is increased by 24% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

This Polearm is a strong alternative weapon for Arlecchinothanks to its Critical DMG% Substat, as well as its increased ATK after defeating an enemy. The only downside is that the player has to defeat someone with Arlecchino before receiving the ATK bonus. Should the player be fighting a single enemy (like a boss), the ATK bonus will be useless.

Royal Spear: Upon damaging an opponent, increases CRIT Rate by 16%. Max 5 stacks. A CRIT Hit removes all stacks.

Royal Spear is a good weapon for Arlecchino as it gives the player up to 80% Crit Rate, at max stacks. As Arlecchino's Normal Attack combo is six hits, at least one of those attacks will likely CRIT. This lets players build CRIT DMG instead of CRIT Rate on her artifacts. Not only that, but it also gives Arlecchino up to 27.56% ATK, which is pretty good.

The only downside for this weapon (as well as Blackcliff Pole) is that they are weapons from Paimon's Bargain,

Prototype Starglitter: After using an Elemental Skill, increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 16% for 12s. Max 2 stacks.

This is the Free to Play option for Arlecchino, as it is a craftable weapon. Theoretically, Arlecchino will be able to get 2 stacks of the DMG bonus as her Normal Attack's passive decreases the cooldown of her Elemental Skill whenever Bond of Life is consumed.

The only downside is that this weapon's substat is Energy Recharge. While this is good in that it will allow Arlecchino to use her Elemental Burst more often, it means that the player will have to roll for CRIT Rate and DMG in their artifacts.

Arlecchino Artifact Guide

4-piece Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy

  • ATK +18%.
  • When the value of a Bond of Life increases or decreases, this character deals 18% increased DMG for 6s. Max 3 stacks.

This is perhaps the best Artifact set for Arlecchino thanks to its reliance on Bond of Life. Since Arlecchino's attacks while she is in her Masque of the Red Death decrease her Bond of Life, she can easily stack the 54% bonus DMG at 3 stacks.

4-piece Shimenawa's Reminiscence

  • ATK +18%.
  • When casting an Elemental Skill, if the character has 15 or more Energy, they lose 15 Energy and Normal/Charged/Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 50% for 10s. This effect will not trigger again during that duration.

Shimenawa's Reminiscens is a good alternate Artifact set as it gives her a 50% increase to her Normal/Charged/Plunging ATK DMG. This is just 4% below the bonus she would get from Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy.

The only downside of this Artifact set is that it will delay her Elemental Burst thanks to the 15 Energy cost to activate the 50% DMG bonus.

2-piece Gladiator's Finale and 2-piece Crimson Witch of Flames

  • ATK +18%
  • Pyro DMG Bonus +15%

This is a more straightforward Artifact set for Arlecchino as it boosts her damage in two ways. The first is via the ATK% bonus, as all of Arlecchino's skills scale off of ATK. The second is the Pyro DMG Bonus, as Arlecchino will mostly be dealing Pyro DMG.

The problem with this set is that, outside of the DMG bonuses, they don't offer much. This is a Stat Stick artifact set for Arlecchino. Whatever stats you gain from this Artifact, that's all you will get (outside of buffs)

4-piece Unfinished Reverie

  • ATK +18%.
  • After leaving combat for 3s, DMG dealt increased by 50%. In combat, if no Burning opponents are nearby for more than 6s, this DMG Bonus will decrease by 10% per second until it reaches 0%. When a Burning opponent exists, it will increase by 10% instead until it reaches 50%. This effect still triggers if the equipping character is off-field.

This is a more niche Artifact set for Arlecchino as it requires her to be in a Burning team. If any enemy near Arlecchino is Burning, she will receive the 50% DMG bonus. If not, she will slowly lose the bonus.

This Artifact set is not ideal for Arlecchino as this limits the team composition she can be placed in. Additionally, Burning is not the best Elemental Reaction in the game in terms of Damage, so players may not want to run a Burning team just for this Artifact set.

Artifact Main Stats

As for Artifact Main Stats, get ATK% for the Sands, Pyro DMG Bonus for the Goblet, and CRIT Rate or DMG for the Crown, depending on what Polearm you are using. For substats, focus on CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG (based on what you need), then ATK% and Flat ATK (get at least 3,000).

Arlecchino Team Guide

As Arlecchino shines as a Main DPS, she works well for teams that have off-field Sub-DPS characters. This makes her great for Vape, Melt, and Overload Teams. Here are some examples of teams for Arlecchino:

Vape Team: Arlecchino, Yelan, Bennett, Furina

With Arlecchino as the main DPS dealing Pyro DMG, and Yelan and Furina as sources of Hydro Application, this team is perhaps one of the best for Vape. While it may seem redundant to have two healers, Bennett serves more as a source of ATK buffs, as well as Pyro Resonance. C6 Bennetts fit in this team since Arlecchino's Pyro cannot be overridden.

Instead of Yelan, players can choose to bring Xingqiu for a more F2P-friendly team. Additionally, players can also bring Barbara or Kokomi instead of Furina.

Melt Team: Arlecchino, Layla, Kaeya, Bennett

This is a more F2P-friendly team, as most of the needed characters are 4-star. With Layla and Kaeya providing off-field Cryo application, Arlecchino will be able to Melt enemies with her Pyro attacks. Add to that Layla's shields and Bennett's healing, and you have a well-rounded team

Overload Team: Arlecchino, Fischl, Kuki Shinobu, Bennett

This is another team that is friendly for F2P players. Fischl and Shinobu can both apply Electro on enemies while off-field, so Arlecchino will be able to Overload said enemies. Shinobu and Bennet can also both heal the team, with Bennett also applying buffs on Arlecchino.

Alternatively, players can replace Bennett with Thoma or Chevreus, and Shinobu with Yae Miko. As long as they can cause Overload, they are likely a good fit for this team.

That's all for our guide on Arlecchino's best weapon and artifact builds in Genshin Impact. Arlecchino will be available with the arrival of the first half of Genshin Impact Version 4.6. Once this rate-up ends, players will have to wait until another rate-up to get her.

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