CBS46, Atlanta's local CBS sports news outlet, confirmed that Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer was found not guilty in his DUI charge from August 2013 by an Atlanta jury yesterday morning.

Budenholzer, head coach of the Hawks for 3 seasons after winning 4 championships as an assistant under Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, instead received a $150 ticket for a taillight infraction as a consequence of his sentencing.

The incident occurred before Budenholzer's first game as head coach of Atlanta, and in the years between the incident and the trial, Budenholzer earned NBA Coach of the Year for the Hawks' stellar 2014-15 campaign. However, for all of the success attributed to the three-year head coach, Budenholzer couldn't avoid getting swept by the eventual 2016 NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, for the second consecutive postseason this year.

With star guard Jeff Teague already shipped to the Indiana Pacers as well as the looming free agency of superstar center Al Horford, Atlanta's roster will most likely look like a shell of the team that went 60-22 in 2014-15.

Although many pundits thought Jeff Teague's isolation style of playing became the downfall for the Hawks this season, Teague will definitely be missed at the helm, and if Horford decides to leave for greener pastures else where, Budenholzer may have to perform a miracle to gain any success from Atlanta this upcoming season.

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