Earlier this week, the Auburn basketball team beat #11 South Carolina by 40 points at home. They had another big game at home on Saturday, but this time, the Tigers lost to #22 Kentucky by double digits. That's college basketball. Auburn got off to an abysmal start in this one as they had just two points in the first five and a half minutes of the game, so they were playing from behind the entire time. The Tigers couldn't get back in it, and they lost 70-59.

This was a tough loss for Auburn basketball considering that they were favored to win the game comfortably. Kentucky is a good team, but Tigers fans wanted this one. Fans didn't hold back on Twitter after the game.

Auburn fans camped out for awhile to get good seats for the game, but they couldn't get the win.

Auburn was certainly playing an aggressive style of basketball on Saturday.

Auburn has hopes of winning the SEC title, but those hopes certainly took a hit on Saturday with the loss.

Alabama fans had a lot to say after the Auburn loss.

If Auburn fans want something to be happy about after the loss, this is something, right?

Saturday's loss was obviously a tough one for Auburn basketball and they were expecting to win the game, but the Tigers are still in a good spot and they are still having a great season. The Tigers are currently 20-6 overall and 9-4 in SEC play. The first place team in the conference is their arch rival, Alabama, and Auburn desperately wants to catch them. They are currently 1.5 games back of the Crimson Tide.

Auburn will look to get closer in the standings next Saturday when they return to the court for a road game against Georgia. The Tigers are hoping to get a bounce back win away from home.