Axie Infinity has started to catch steam, and many new players have joined others in breeding and battling Axies in Lunacia. If you’re one of these new players, then chances are that you’re already familiar with the game’s classes. But even seasoned players of Axie Infinity, many managers and scholars, don’t actually know every intricacy of these classes. If you’re still just looking into building your first team of Axies, then this guide will also help you. What are the classes in Axie Infinity, and how do they affect gameplay?

What are the classes in Axie Infinity?

There are currently nine classes in Axie. As an analogy, you can compare class to the Pokemon type. Both the Axie and their moves (or cards) belong to one of these nine classes. Purebreed Axies will have the same class for both the Axie itself and all of its moves.

The nine classes in Axie Infinity are:

  1. Reptile
  2. Plant
  3. Dusk
  4. Aquatic
  5. Bird
  6. Dawn
  7. Beast
  8. Bug
  9. Mech

If an Axie is not purebred, then that means somewhere up its ancestry, two Axies of different classes bred, resulting in an Axie with classes for their moves and breed to not match up. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Axie Infinity breeders usually look for purebred Axies. It’s easier to breed Axies with specific parts and abilities when breeding purebred Axies. Hence, purebred Axies – those with 6/6 parts match up with the Axie’s species – usually cost a lot.

But again, it’s not a bad thing to have a different class for your Axie’s cards from its breed. You can even make great combos out of cards from different classes. However, that’s a lesson for a different time.

Axie Infinity Class Advantage

Just like in Pokemon, Axies have class advantages. Axie cards have three values: the energy cost, the attack, and the defense. Axie class comes into play when calculating the actual damage dealt by an Axie to an opposing Axie. In Axie Infinity, there’s a rock-paper-scissors relationship between three groups of classes:

  • Reptile, Plant, and Dusk trump Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn
  • Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn trump Beast, Bug, and Mech
  • Beast, Bug, and Mech trump Reptile, Plant, and Dusk

From this triangle, you can find which classes do well against what kind of Axies. Having a class advantage over another Axie will allow your Axie to deal more damage, regardless of what class the move used is. That means that regardless of what move a Reptile Axie does, for example, against an Aquatic Axie, it will always have extra damage. Attacking with a class advantage will deal 15% more damage. Attacking with a class disadvantage will deal 15% less damage.

Moreover, if an Axie uses a move that matches in class – for example, a Reptile Axie using a Reptile class card, then that Axie will gain 10% more from the card’s values. For example, the Reptile card Kotaro Bite has the following values: 80 attack, 20 defense, and 1 energy. When a Reptile Axie uses Kotaro Bite, it will instead do 88 damage and receive 22 shield points.

These bonuses stack. So, if a Reptile Axie uses Kotaro Bite against an Aquatic Axie, the total damage will be 101 damage.

Do note that while there are Mech, Dusk, and Dawn Axie classes, there are currently no Mech, Dusk, or Dawn cards available. However, these three classes are special, as they can only be bred in certain conditions (more on this later).

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What else do Axie classes affect?

Apart from the class advantage, Axie classes also affect the statline of each individual Axie. While the stats of an Axie will be predetermined on the day it hatches from its egg, its values will be dependent on that Axie’s class or species.

For example, the Aquatic Axie class will have base stats of 39 HP, 39 Speed, 35 Skill, and 27 Morale. Then, each body part will add more value to these stats. As a rule of thumb, if you want:

  • Aquatic: More speed, slight boost in HP
  • Beast: More morale, slight boost in speed
  • Bird: More speed, slight boost in morale
  • Bug: More morale, slight boost in HP
  • Plant: More HP, slight boost in morale
  • Reptile: More HP, slight boost in speed

Each Axie will have six parts – two that are mostly cosmetic and only affects the final statline as specified above, and four which will actually determine the cards the Axie will be equipped with. When picking your first Axie team, knowing about these small details will help you narrow down your search options in the Axie Marketplace.

How to breed Dusk, Dawn, and Mech Axies:

As mentioned earlier, Dusk, Dawn, and Mech Axies are a little special. The only way you can breed these special classes is by breeding purebred Axies of different classes. Breeding them will result to Dusk, Dawn, or Mech Axies 33% of the time. To be more specific:

  • Dusk – Reptile + Aquatic parents
  • Dawn – Plant + Bird parents
  • Mech – Beast + Bug parents

With the same idea in class bonuses, Dusk, Dawn, and Mech will also receive bonuses from cards from specific classes. However, unlike their purebred cousins, Dusk, Dawn, and Mech only receive a 7.5% bonus from their cards. This is just half of the 15% the purebreeds get, but these Special Classes provide more flexibility in building your team. With these Axies, you can safely have both Reptile and Aquatic cards on your Dusk Axie, for example.

With SLP exchange rates being this low today and with how AXS requirements for breeding has gone down significantly, now’s one of the best times to experiment with breeding. If you’re going for Dusk, Dawn, and Mech Axies, be sure to master their intricacies first.

Axie Infinity classes in version 2.0

Recently, Sky Mavis announced that they are working towards introducing version 2.0 of Axie Infinity PvP. This will introduce new cards, shake up the meta, and change the landscape of Axie Infinity for the better. However, there hasn’t been sufficient information yet on how these changes will affect the current classes. It may be possible that there will be new Axie classes introduced, but this, too, is still just speculation.

Ready to build your first Axie Infinity team? Get your thinking hat on and start theorycrafting the ideal Axie Infinity builds you can think of. You may use the amazing Axie World Cards Explorer to search for particular cards and parts, especially useful if you’re not yet familiar with the cards in Axie Infinity.