The ball continues to roll for the Curry family. This time for Ayesha and Riley Curry.

Riley modeled a collection of baby shoes that are now on sale in colors picked with Ayesha Curry, with a twist of her cooking sense.

Freshly Picked footwear is releasing three styles of baby moccasin shoes, with inspiration taken from Mrs. Curry’s favorite desserts.

The shoes come in Mint Chip, Pink Lemonade, and a Warriors inspired color called Fan Favorite. Curry certainly would not endorse shoes for babies unless her own wore them, and she loves them just the same as any mother would.

 yummy little moccasins to cover those yummy little toes.


The Curry name goes a long way these days with Ayesha starting a Youtube channel for her cooking recipes, to getting a spot on the Food Network, opening her new restaurant, a baby shoe collection, and from the sounds of the Freshly Picked brand designer Susan Peterson, there is more to come.

This collection has been an aspiration of mine since Ayesha and I met. We are so excited to not only launch this collection, but also to work on other projects together.

If you have any baby showers coming up, this would be a perfect gift.

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