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Back 4 Blood Guides: How to unlock new Back 4 Blood characters

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Back 4 Blood features eight different characters with their own unique perks. Players get access to four characters right from the start, but they will have to unlock the rest. However, the game doesn’t exactly tell you how to unlock new Back 4 Blood characters. This Back 4 Blood guide will help you unlock all eight different characters in the game.

How to unlock new Back 4 Blood Characters

Unlocking the four characters, namely, Doc, Karlee, Hoffman, and Jim, is a relatively easy task. All you have to do is complete the first four missions of Act I. Once you complete all these missions for the firs time, a cutscene featuring Doc, Jim, Hoffman, and Karlee will play out. Once you’ve seen this cutscene, you will unlock new Back 4 Blood characters.

Each character in Back 4 Blood have unique perks, but they all play roughly the same way. The fundamentals are similar, with each character have specializations on their weapon preferences, athletics, and skills. Getting to know each character will be important once you start building your own decks for your runs. If you can’t decide who among the eight players you’d like to play as, you can check out our Back 4 Blood character reviews.

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