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Back 4 Blood: Special Ridden Guide; How to beat the Special Zombies

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Back 4 Blood‘s class of special zombies, or as they are called, special ridden, are a different kind of headache to take care of. You can’t just empty magazines at them aimlessly and hope for the best – you actually have to strategize around them to beat them. Hence, to make sure that you can beat these monsters here’s our Back 4 Blood Special Ridden guide so you can beat them easily. You can also find more articles about Back 4 Blood here.

Back 4 Blood Special Ridden Guide: How to beat the Special Ridden

Reekers (Exploders and Retches) – Explorers are the first Special Ridden you’d find in your journey. They are the burley ones that usually explode after being killed. They’re a large (no pun intended) threat at close range, and can make your team split up when they appear. Remember, it’s important in Back 4 Blood to stay close to each other, so be coordinated with your team on where to run off to when the Reekers appear. Stay away from these while shooting, but also stick together as you retreat. Its weak point is its stomach – the red swelling thing that almost screams “shoot me!”

Tallboys (Bruisers and Crushers) – The difference between the two Tallboys is the way they kill Cleaners. But regardless of the kind of Tallboy you need to fight, they’re dealt with the same way: Shoot the red spot on its arm. However, this will require the team to maneuver around the Tallboys, as they hide their weak point behind them as they charge towards the party. To beat the Tallboy, two members will have to flank the Tallboy on both sides. Then, one should get its attention and lead it forward. This will allow the flanking members to focus fire on the red arm.

Stingers (Stalkers and Hockers) – These ones are very hard to shoot at, especially since they jump around so much. When fought alone, it might be easy to dodge their spits and shoot at them. But in the face of a larger horde, they become a real nuisance. Make sure that you are together with your team when fighting this guy, as it can down you easily. Shoot their chests and dodge their attacks, and make sure to help your downed teammates immediately.

Ogre – Run away if you can, as these are tough to take down, especially on higher difficulties. The only way to beat these guys is to give it a hell of firepower, with large machine guns doing the trick. Sniper Rifles can help, too, if you can stay long distance. However, our Special Ridden guide don’t have much to say other than shoot its bright spots with large weapons.

Hags – This one won’t attack you if you don’t bother it, so it’s best not to disturb them. They act like the Witches of Left 4 Dead, and while they can be easily killed as they munch on one of your teammates, it’s really best not to risk the death of one of your teammates instead. Just move along and leave it be.

Breakers – Remember Tank from Left 4 Dead? These are them now. Feeling old yet? Beating Breakers is a simple, straightforward task. All you have to do is to find out who it’s targeting – and making sure that person will just keep on running away. The rest of the party should shoot its neck and chest, and it should fall after emptying a dozen clips or so.

Snitchers – Finally, we’re on the last special ridden for our Back 4 Blood special ridden guide. Snitchers are easy to spot, and if you do, you steer clear away from them. They have elongated, bloated necks, which are also their weak spots. However, you wouldn’t want to startle these Snitchers, as they will alert a horde of Ridden when spooked. Soon, the Snitcher will be the least of your problem, as you’ll have to deal with a horde of other Special Riddens instead.