Bayern Munich's board is convinced that Thomas Tuchel has refused their offers to stay at the club because he already has an agreement elsewhere. Tuchel, who has been linked with the Manchester United job for a while, might take over the team at the end of the season. According to journalist Christian Falk, Tuchel has already agreed to a deal with Manchester United. Current United boss Erik Ten Hag is expected to be shown the exit after Saturday's FA Cup final, regardless of the outcome, and the club seems to be moving quickly to find his replacement, with Tuchel being a prime candidate.

Bayern's Managerial Search

As early as February, Bayern Munich decided that Tuchel would leave at the end of the season. However, their search for a new manager has been challenging. They considered several candidates, including Xabi Alonso, Ralf Rangnick, and Julian Nagelsmann, but none worked out. The Bayern board tried to convince Tuchel to stay to keep some stability, but he turned them down. Bayern believes Tuchel's rejection is because he has already decided to take over at Manchester United.

With Tuchel's departure imminent, Bayern's hunt for a new coach is almost over. The Bavarian giants are close to appointing Vincent Kompany as Tuchel's successor at the Allianz Arena. Kompany, who was recently relegated with Burnley after finishing 19th in the Premier League, is set to manage one of Europe's top clubs. Given his recent struggles with Burnley, Kompany's appointment is surprising to some. Still, his leadership qualities and football knowledge as a player could be valuable assets for Bayern.

Tuchel's Potential Role at Manchester United

If Tuchel is set to become the new Manchester United manager, he will keep a close eye on his future team as they face Manchester City in the FA Cup final on Saturday. Erik ten Hag will be in charge of his last game as United's boss and hopes to end his tenure on a high note with a second trophy.

Tuchel's move to Manchester United marks a significant shift for him and the clubs involved. Bayern Munich will have to adapt to new leadership under Kompany, while Manchester United fans look forward to seeing what changes Tuchel brings to the team. Known for his tactical acumen and ability to get the best out of his players, Tuchel's arrival could signal a new era for the Red Devils.

For Bayern Munich, losing Tuchel means the end of a chapter that saw the club maintain its status as one of Europe's elite. Tuchel, who has a reputation for improving teams and winning trophies, has left a mark on the club. His departure, however, opens the door for new ideas and strategies under Kompany. Bayern's choice to bring in Kompany indicates their willingness to take a bold step, betting on a young manager with fresh perspectives.

Manchester United, on the other hand, sees Tuchel as a potential game-changer. The club has struggled to succeed consistently since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement. With Tuchel's track record, which includes winning the Champions League with Chelsea, United fans have reasons to be hopeful. His experience in managing big clubs and dealing with high-pressure situations could be exactly what United needs to return to its former glory.

The managerial changes at Bayern Munich and Manchester United highlight the ever-evolving landscape of top-tier football. Bayern Munich's belief that Tuchel has already agreed to join Manchester United suggests that big moves are on the horizon. As the season approaches, all eyes will be on the transitions happening within these football giants. Whether Tuchel can bring success to Manchester United and how Kompany will fare at Bayern Munich are questions that fans and analysts alike will be eager to see answered in the coming months.