The Kansas City Chiefs saw their five-game win streak come to an end Sunday in a 27-24 road loss to the reigning AFC champions, Cincinnati Bengals. Right after that loss, the Chiefs were pelted with criticisms by their own fans, a behavior Kansas City safety Juan Thornhill wasn't going to take sitting down.

In a fiery postgame tweet, Thornhill went after Chiefs fans who have seemingly crossed the line of civility after witnessing Kansas City fall prey to Joe Burrow and the Bengals.

Let’s be fucking respectful here… we play our ass off each and every week for y’all and if a player give up a play or we lose a game y’all bash us. Come on now. We need people to lift us up not join the opposing team and drag us down.

Thornhill, however, has nothing but love for Chiefs fans who support the team regardless of the outcome of the team's games.

I do appreciate the Real ones … much respect to you all

Despite the loss, the Chiefs are in a great position still to win the AFC West division. At 9-3, no one is near Kansas City atop the group. The next best record in the AFC West is 8-8 by the Los Angeles Chargers, who picked up a loss Sunday at the hands of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Objectively speaking, though, the Chiefs' defense was a reason why the team lost to Cincy. The Bengals had 431 total yards in Week 13, including 152 on the ground.

The Chiefs' stop unit can be better in Week 14 against the Denver Broncos, owners of the most inept offense in the NFL this season, thus far.