When the NFL players get mic'd up, it's a gift to fans who crave a more in-depth look at what it's like down on the field on Sunday. The trash talk between opponents, the jokes on the sideline among teammates, the banter with officials… myself and many others eat all that stuff up. It's not always the case though where we get to see that the game's officials blatantly missed a call.

In the aftermath of Monday's game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings, a 12-10 Chicago win, the Bears social media team decided to post a video of a play where cornerback Kyler Gordon was flagged for removing his helmet immediately following a play. However, the video clearly shows that Gordon's helmet was not only removed by Vikings wide receiver Brandon Powell, but that Powell also managed to separate the face mask from Gordon's helmet.

The only thing missing from that tweet was the Bears tagging the @NFLOfficiating and @NFLFootballOps X accounts so that way they had to confront their mistake. Now I'm a Bears fan, but I'm not the type of fan who thinks that officials have it out for my team when calls are being missed. I don't think that the refs were trying to screw the Bears over on Monday night, but it's pretty obvious that they at least screwed up on the play in question, because the penalty should've been called on Minnesota for a face mask so blatant that it caused an equipment malfunction. I mean, what was Kyler Gordon supposed to do, not show officials that Powell had destroyed his helmet when he was pushing and shoving him out of bounds?