Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears dropped to 0-3 on the season after Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs blew out their opponents, 41-10. Despite the disappointing and drama-filled start to the season, the quarterback is still optimistic, and Fields even thinks getting the Bears into the playoffs is still a possibility.

“The Lions started 1-6 last year, and they almost made the playoffs,” Fields said, per Pro Football Talk. “We’ve got 14 left, at least.”

While that is true, the Lions didn’t make the playoffs despite beating the Green Bay Packers in Week 18. The Bears’ NFC North rival missed out thanks to a tie-breaker with the Seattle Seahawks.

Once a team drops its first three games, the chances of making the postseason drop to just 2.5%, historically. In fact, only six teams since 1979 have made the playoffs after starting 0-3. Those squads were the 1981 New York Jets, 1992 San Diego Chargers, 1995 Detroit Lions, 1998 Buffalo Bills, and the last team to accomplish this feat, the 2018 Houston Texans.

All those teams won at least 10 of their next 13 games, with the Chargers and Texans winning 11. Now that there are 17 games, history suggests the Bears will have to go 10-4 the rest of the way to have a chance at the playoffs.

Justin Fields and the Bears’ playoff march starts next week against the Denver Broncos, who just suffered a historic 70-20 blowout by the Miami Dolphins. If Chicago doesn’t win that game, their postseason chances drop to almost zero, but one team has made the playoffs after starting 0-4.

Head coach Bobby Ross’ 1992 Chargers lost their first four games before ripping off an 11-1 run down the stretch to earn a Wild Card spot. That team ultimately lost in the Divisional Round to Dan Marino and the Dolphins.