Travis Kelce has always been a popular NFL player. After all, he's a superstar tight end and has played a pivotal role in helping the Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowls. However, often times in football the quarterback gets the most attention. But on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, although Patrick Mahomes played well, it was Kelce who received the attention as Taylor Swift attended the game.

Kelce, who's rumored to be dating swift, has felt the impact from a popularity standpoint of being romantically linked to one of, if not the most famous pop stars in the world. The tight end has amassed over 300 thousand new Instagram followers in the past 24 hours, per The Sporting News. Kelce merchandise sales have also spiked 400 percent, and he now has a top five selling jersey in the league.

Most people didn't expect the early portion of the Chiefs' 2023 season to revolve around Taylor Swift headlines. But that is exactly the case amid the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift dating rumors. The headlines will likely continue to pour in whenever Swift attends games.

Some analysts have worried the attention could lead to a distraction. After all, most people don't even remember the Chiefs' stats against the Bears since all everyone was focused on was Kelce and Swift. That said, Kansas City emerged with a 41-10 victory on Sunday. Yes, they were playing a struggling team in the Bears, and Kansas City tends to perform well at home.

Still, if anything Swift was a good luck charm for Travis Kelce and the Chiefs Sunday.