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Bears QB Nick Foles sure sounds like a guy who wants to get traded to Colts after Carson Wentz’s injury

Bears, Colts, Nick Foles, Carson Wentz

When one quarterback gets injured in the NFL, it often times can set in motion a domino effect. That could be the case with Carson Wentz going down in Indianapolis with the Colts. One guy that could step in, Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles.

Foles is still in Chicago under contract with the Bears but when they went out and signed Andy Dalton then proceeded to draft Justin Fields in the first round, it became very apparent that Foles would be the odd man out in the equation.

Chicago has reportedly looked around at trade options for Foles and with the injury news of Wentz coming down on Monday, some are trying to connect the dots. The Bears quarterback commented himself on the situation and his relationship with Colts head coach Frank Reich.

Honestly, it’s not a stretch to try and piece this puzzle together. Foles isn’t touching the field in Chicago. He said Monday he doesn’t want to go anywhere that he doesn’t know then specifically mentions Reich and how he knows Foles and his game. If the Bears can get anything for Foles in return, it’s likely worth making the deal.

For the Colts, they have a depth chart that sees Jacob Eason behind the injured Wentz. Eason was a fourth round pick in 2020 and has no NFL experience. Indianapolis has a well rounded out roster on both sides of the ball and now, there’s a big gap at the most important position. Maybe getting Foles from the Bears isn’t even on their radar but, they will likely make some sort of move or moves until Wentz gets back.