Earlier today, it was reported that the Philadelphia 76ers have told Ben Simmons that they're going to select him with the first overall pick in Thursday night's NBA draft.

If any doubts remained after that report, Simmons has essentially put them to rest with his latest Instagram post.

The photo is of Simmons performing his workout for the Sixers early this morning, and the caption states “Trust the process,” which was the tagline given to the Sam Hinkie regime as they tore down the roster and tried to rebuild it from the ground up.

Trust the process

A photo posted by Ben Simmons (@bensimmons) on

Previously, Simmons had refused to workout for Philly, at the advice of his agent. However, he finally gave in this morning, providing the last piece of insight that the Sixers front office needed before picking him with their heralded top choice.

That front office, as you may know, no longer employs Hinkie. Many fans were unsettled with the way in which he was fired and then replaced by Bryan Colangelo, son of the chairman of basketball operations, Jerry.

With or without Hinkie, Simmons was projected to be the first overall pick all along. Even if the “trust the process” phrase is in the past, it must be encouraging for Sixers fans to see Ben embracing the challenge of turning the franchise around.

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